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The Real History Behind Rome: Julius Caesar

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Rome, the subject of this report is Rome. The (completely wacko made-up) legend says that Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, the twin sons of Mars, the god of war. Supposedly some king tossed them into a basket, chucked them into the Tiber River, and left them to die a good old-fashioned baby-river-drowning-death. Apparently this never happened because they were rescued by a she-wolf and raised as one of her own. Eventually Romulus and Remus decided to ice that king and overthrow the kingdom that the king kinged. Then Romulus killed Remus, named the kingdom Rome, and they lived happily ever after. As engaging as the legend is, the real history behind Rome is much more boring. Stick ...view middle of the document...

They basically set the trend for aqueducts, water transportation systems used for “enjoying many amenities for their day, including public toilets, underground sewage systems, fountains, and ornate public baths.” (Evan Andrews, Yeah, they were total pansies who made fountains and whatnot. Not only did Rome innovate the aqueduct, but also the use of concrete! Rome’s special use of concrete enabled them to build structures that still stand today. Roman concrete was mixed to withstand chemical erosion, allowing it to withstand the water used for those pansy fountains and baths. Of course the concrete was also used for large fancy buildings such as the pantheon and coliseums etcetera, etcetera. Roman architecture is another innovation that unfortunately fell into the pit of shamelessly copied/influenced modern architecture. With all the news of architecture and the inevitable amounts of war and corruption among society, it’s only natural that Rome innovates the newspaper. The newspaper became an integral part of Roman society, because they had a lot going on, apparently. They mostly just used the papers to report on invasions and politicians for the public to be reminded how boring their pathetic Roman lives are.
It is unfortunate that Rome didn’t innovate cooler stuff, but I digress. Since Rome is incredibly boring to write about, what better way to continue this report than with politics? Politics aren’t a particularly sexy subject, but the Romans were into it, of course. The Roman political system may seem complex, but a closer look reveals that, yes, it is exactly as we feared. They used a sophisticated senate that was mostly made up of patricians, big fancy people in roman society, to make decisions and pass laws. This system of politics created a large amount of discord and rivalry among politicians. These feuding political divas often resorted to slandering each other’s names, or even more effectively, assassinating their rivals. As heavy as killing someone because of differing views is, this was common among the vicious Roman government. Basically Rome’s political system isn’t much different from todays, probably because a lot of our government and politics are based off of Rome’s political system, albeit with a tad bit less assassinations.

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