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The History Of George Brown And The Globe And Mail.

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George Brown's career in the newspaper industry started at a very young age when he and his father decided to move to America from Scotland. His Father wrote for the New York Albion, the weekly paper of the British emigrant community. George Brown studied under his father and got a good taste of writing for newspapers and he would also start being more politically involved, he had the same views as his father on how the American system worked and like his father heavily favored the British parliamentary system. In June of 1842 George Brown's father began the British Chronicle, which was a weekly political paper. When the paper got recognition from the Canadian Liberal and Reform leaders; Francis Hincks, Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine and Robert Baldwin, George Brown started to travel a lot to Canada to discuss political ideas for the paper. At the time of the Chronicle Brown was finishing up his apprenticeship in journalism. When he turned 24 he became the Publisher of the Chronicle and his father was Editor, at that time the paper had strong ties with Canada and Brown traveled frequently to Kingston, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. In 1843 Brown's father decided to move the Chronicle from New York to Toronto, because of the free Kirk (Presbyterian) movement in Scotland. Supporters wanted the paper to come to Canada and because of George Brown strong ties with the country the move was easily made. The Chronicle published for its last time in New York on July 22nd 1843 and then moved to Toronto and became the "Banner". August 18th 1843 was the first day the new paper came out, once again George Brown was the publisher and his father was the editor. During the years the paper took a sharp turn in its content, Brown was becoming more and more involved in politics and it reflected in the paper, and the paper was more meant to be a religious/news paper. The Browns were approached by four Toronto reformers (investors) to start a new newspaper which would center entirely on politics. The browns continued the Banner but created a new newspaper called the Toronto "Globe". The paper was first published in March of 1844. From the start Brown wanted this new paper to become the most dominate newspaper in North America. The paper was very well maintained and always had the latest news and had a lot of political columns and in order to become a great newspaper Brown knew he had to increase circulation in the British Americas by having more papers printed in a shorter amount of time. In 1845, Brown then opened up the Western Globe which was sold to the southern west regions of the Americas. The paper was a huge success and in only 10 years it changed from weekly to semi-weekly to daily, Brown used the latest steam press invention to get his paper out to the public faster. In 1853 the paper was probably the biggest paper in the British Americas with a distribution province wide. The Globe expanded their staff from George Brown, his Father, his younger brother...

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