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The Real Monster Essay

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In most readers’ minds, there seems to be no doubt as to who the real monster is in Frankenstein. The definition of the word “monster” is “any fictional creature, usually found in legends or horror fiction that is often hideous and may produce fear or physical harm by either its appearance or its actions” (Powell, 182). The creature that Frankenstein created was not only physically hideous but also murdered many innocent human beings. However, when we look beyond his physical appearance and start understanding the reasons behind his actions, we begin to realize that the monster is not the real monster in the story, his creator is. Although Victor Frankenstein creates a monster in the novel, ...view middle of the document...

Shelley’s description of the animation of Victor Frankenstein’s creature (which was published 15 years after Aldini’s discovery) is distinctly similar. This shows us that Mary Shelley was not only aware of Aldini’s experiment, but also had many strong beliefs on the matter. The ethical question of what an experimenter should and should not do to dead bodies and living research subjects is raised in Shelley’s novel.
In the novel, the creature that Victor Frankenstein created underwent extreme isolation due to his abandonment, and hence had no “relation or friend upon Earth” (Shelley, 147). It is currently known that the survival and health of a human baby is severely dependent on social interactions. The monster in the story lives a very torturous and miserable life without any companionship. He tries his best to make relationships with others but his disturbing appearance drives people away. The monster must have felt extremely worthless knowing that everyone around him rejected him, even his creator and most importantly, his god.
Victor does not realize the consequences of his actions because, as a scientist, he has become obsessed with creating life and being the correspondent god to his new race of creatures. Victor then commits dreadful crimes trying to pursue his goal; he digs up graves of dead humans and uses their body parts to create his “masterpiece.” He even goes as far as robbing body parts from his own friends’ graves without caring or even respecting their death.
We then view Victor’s ignorance while busy in his work. He neglects his family despite all their efforts in trying to communicate with him and just egotistically carries on trying to satisfy himself. These are the people that loved and cared for him and he just completely disregarded them. He did not even visit his own father, the man who allowed him to pursue an education in science and provided him with his living necessities. We again view his obliviousness and carelessness when he spends over two years of his life creating a creature that he immediately disowns and abandons. Victor does not have the valor or deepness of character to look behind his creations ugly features and realize that he created a creature with real human emotions and must nurture it. A lot of scientists use their knowledge trying to create things in order to make themselves feel prodigious. Victor was so incredibly consumed with his “greatness” that he failed to realize the fact that the life...

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