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The Real Public Relator: What People Do Not Know

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In Public Relations, the purpose is to represent those who cannot represent themselves. We are the voice of the people, and the reason why we are invested to do so. Whether we are Publicists, Advocates, or CEO of companies; we are the voice of the projects we have put our time in. As I read in an article about Public relations it was described, “Fighting creditability is important battles. If a negative story is not dealt with fast, it can badly damage the brand.” Figuratively this explains why inner cities issues go unrecognized, when they have officials hired to represent their behalf. However, many problems go unresolved because of lack of resources available. In experiences, when there are individuals of communities who are willing to fight for conflicts that halt them from feeling comfortable in their homes, politicians of office will take that into account. Eventually there will be steps taken in order for residents to feels comfortable with their neighborhoods. However, someone inexperience may come off as incompetent, because they lack the matriculation to get their views and opinions across. When I pursue my career my Public Relations I want to fix the problems that go unresolved. As a Public Relator I would be able to resolve community issues, teach residents of communities to voice their opinions of problems, and give residents the tools to resolve their issues of their communities if it has to resort to that.
As said by the infamous publicist Charles Nelson upon good press, “Publicity is a great purifier because it sets in action. The forces of public opinion, and in this country public opinion controls the courses of the nation.” This means when something goes unpredicted of unhandled, we have to take matters into our own hands. In inner cities, we often hear about the bad events occurring. Whether it has to deal with drugs, murder, or other criminal mishaps we never hear of anyone going into those neighborhoods to eliminate those problems. As a Public Relator, I want to become an official who will eliminate some of the problems going on in the neighborhoods. I know that crime could never be abolish, because there will always be criminals. However, residents need a peace of mind while traveling back and forth to their homes. “Sooner or later someone would step up, and admit what everyone knew. Not only is public opinion going sour on airbrushed “perfection” the ideas of what “perfection” really is are changing.” As said in the book of International Public Relations nothing is perfect, but there are steps to make them acceptable. Residents need to have assurance that their bills are being paid monthly, as well as obtaining a healthy environment for their families. As residents, you need to feel what you are working for is being shown through your homes, awareness that when you come home you are proud of where you live. In Neighborhoods such as the Bronx, New York it is evident that the lack of carelessness of...

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