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The Real Use Of Subliminal Messages

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There is a constant and ongoing battle for control over society’s thoughts. Large, money hungry media corporations are using mass media to embed subliminal messages in hopes to influence your thoughts. The use of subliminal messages may have an impact on your decision making, and you will not even be aware of it. It is a subtle tool of manipulation first utilized in the late nineteenth century.
The dictionary definition of subliminal, refers to the unconscious mind and exists or operates below the threshold of consciousness. ( Therefore, a subliminal message is a message received by our unconscious mind. Research has shown that subliminal messages only work if they match a ...view middle of the document...

Edward Bernays is known as the father of propaganda. Bernays is the nephew of renowned, Austrian neurologist who became known as the founding father of psychoanalysis. Bernays sought to achieve this like minded society by embedding subliminal messages into the mass media we are subjected to all the time. His connections between psychoanalysis, communications, public relations, and self identity are disturbing and compelling. (Bayley) Edward Bernays worked for Woodrow Wilson, and Wilson was re-elected because the campaign, led by Bernays, was “He kept us out of war!” but then promptly took this nation into World War I. (Miele)
This type of propaganda is not uncommon today. Even with the rapid changes that have occurred in the past two centuries. Some things remain the same, for instance, the love of money and power. Currently we live in a society that is overrun by consolidated conglomerations. Media giants are not called giant just for fun. The hundreds of different networks are all controlled by only five different corporations. Those five companies that control everything we see on television and movies are Viacom, AOL/Time Warner, News Corp, Clear Channel and Disney. (Bagdikian) Those five media giants get paid millions and millions of dollars to air advertisements. The companies paying the millions of dollars are also highly concentrated corporations. We know of thousands of different brand names...

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