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Literature permits _society_ to grasp the ideology of a certain time period [in which specific works were wrote]. Individuals have the ability to grasp the feelings of the depth that each author felt during that time. Also, by the reactions of the critics and commentators one has access to the opinions of the general population. Regardless of how much …..something changes…..something stays the same. Something …...
“I love him that's plain, I love him, I love him. ... That love is a stone round my neck; I'm going with it to the bottom, but I love that stone and can't live without it.” (Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard). This statement, made by an [the] obvious romantic Lubov, allows the ...view middle of the document...

Full name Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, is considered by the literature world to be the father of the modern short story and modern play. Chekhov's upbringing plays a major role in how his success came about. He was the son of a grocer and grandson of a serf who had bought his family's freedom before emancipation. With this being the case Chekhov was very well-acquainted with the realities of nineteenth-century lower-middle-class and peasant life. Chekhov was first prompted to write less by an urge toward artistic expression than by the immediate need to support his family (Anton Chekhov).
In his play The Cherry Orchard, a character by the name of Lopakhin stated “You're too sensitive, Dunyasha. You dress just like a lady, and you do your hair like one too. You oughtn't. You should know your place” (Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard). With this statement, Lopakhin was explaining to Dunyasha not only her place with status but how she should take a different look on life. Love, happiness and ignorance was no longer apart of their surroundings. In a similar sense, this was Anton Chekhov’s way of telling the population around him the same. With his writing, like most early realist writers, was his way of outlet. Chekhov once said, “Literature is called artistic when it depicts life as it actually is.... A writer should be as objective as a chemist.” ["Anton Chekhov." Contemporary Authors Online)]
Today, Henrik Ibsen is recognized as an amazing author whose work touches on many controversial matters and impacted society a great deal. To the surprise of some, Ibsen actually went through some period of time where his audience, mainly theater critics, didn’t agree with or appreciate his work too much at all. There were a few plays and other writings before it, but Hedda Gabler especially, set his work on a lower level by the standards of the people in his day. Due to how much it is marveled and raved on now it is hard to believe that there was ever a time where it was not appreciated. During Ibsen’s time though, the words he wrote were not accepted within his community. Women had no voice, men had all the power, and money and status meant just as much as ones life. Within his stuffed Victorian living rooms, the Norwegian playwright advocated free-thinking.
Ibsen was estranged from most of his family for many years. he abandoned his small hometown of Skien, and also Norway itself. Throughout his adult life he still felt...

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