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The Reality Of 18th Century British Society Implied In Gulliver’s Travels

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The Reality of 18th Century British Society Implied in Gulliver's TravelsAbstractGulliver's Travels is the masterpiece of Jonathan Swift who is one of the greatest satirical writers in the 18th century British. This novel exposes all the corruption and ugliness about the social reality of the 18th century British in the aspects of politics, economics, diplomatic, scientific and culture. This paper selects the strange phenomena implied in Gulliver's Travels as the research object and makes a systematic analysis. It consists of the introduction, body and the conclusion. The body is divided into three parts. The first part introduces Jonathan Swift, his major works and the social reality and conditions in the 18th century British. The second part mainly analyzes the British social reality implied in the Gulliver's four adventurous voyages, including the characteristics of the main representatives and the specific events which combined with the hero's adventurous experiences. The third part analyzes Swift's satirical criticism and the practical significance of Gulliver's travels. Through a thorough analysis, this thesis then obtains its conclusion: the strange phenomena in Gulliver's Travels reflect the social reality of the 18th century British.It is hoped that this thesis could be helpful for the development of the politic, economic, culture in the modern society.Key Words: Gulliver's Travels; Swift; Satirize; The social reality;...

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