The Reality Of A 'green' Olympics For Beijing, China 2008.

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AcknowledgementsThis essay would not be done so smoothly without the help of my geography professor, Laird Keir Mitchell of Glencairn, who spent his time for advise and guided me to the resources that I needed. Also, I would like to show my appreciation to my school with the massive amount of books reverse in the library and thus I could easily pick what I needed. Last but not least, thanks to the IB programme with extended essay, which gave me opportunity to extend my interest and concern outside the classroom.Abstract"Green Olympics means to prepare Olympic Games in accordance with the principle ofsustainable development."--Beijing Olympic official siteGreen symbolizes life and peace and a Green Olympics is to prepare for Games in accordance with principles of sustainable development. As it is a core theme of the coming Olympics Summer Games, the Chinese Government has been adopting various policies to achieve it.However can the Chinese Government keep its promise? As I can see the current air condition here in Beijing, it has no way to bring the city into an environmental friendly standard"The reality of Green Olympics Beijing, China 2008" has been chosen as my topic due to my passion in human geography and sociology. I am going to talk about the three main reasons of causing the city's air (the explosion of car ownership, massive carbon emission and numberless construction sites) and in the meantime I will talk about how the Government react to them by apposing different policies and how they work.At the end my conclusion is that the Chinese Government could fail to keep its promise and therefore "Green Olympics" could only be a dream.And at the very end, I bring up few questions that I have been wondering for long; such as will the Chinese Government keep cleaning the city after the Games? And how can a rapid-developing country like China keep the balance of the economic pace and sustainable development?Introduction"When China wakes, it will shake the world."--Napoleon BonaparteIndeed China is waking and lots of sayings state that the 21st century is China's. Undoubtedly, by the turn of this century, China has been accelerating its development in a speed of light; a new economic structure has been formed, rapid development in industrial sectors and the obvious increase in the pace of globalisation such as the new membership in the WTO and the success of holding the Olympics Summer Games."The reality of Green Olympics in Beijing, China in 2008" has been chosen as the essay topic due to my deep interest in human geography and sociology. Also, I am now living in the capital of this "awaking country" for nearly two years. Besides looking at the bright side of the economic growth, I would also go into the shadow of it such as the environmental degradation.This essay starts by stating the air circumstance now here in Beijing, followed by the three major reasons (explosion of car ownership, massive carbon emission and numberless construction...

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