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The Reality Of Beauty Essay

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“All shine, no substance” (110), describes Drummond’s rocking horse, the Golden Dancer- a symbol of the world and individuals who are blindfolded to the reality of the truth. Drummond is a defender for Cates, a law breaker during a Scopes trial (creation vs evolution). The rocking horse displays a glistening beauty on the outside; however, on the inside it is poorly manufactured, “The wood was rotten, the whole thing was put together with spit and sealing wax” (109). The Golden Dancer, a perfection on the outside, but full of faults on the inside, can be compared to individuals in the town of Hillsboro. In the play, Inherit the Wind, Lawrence and Lee suggest that the Golden ...view middle of the document...

In addition, when Racheal trusts Brady and tells him about a conversation between them personally; Brady’s pride deceives him and he uses this chance to gain personal success. Brady uses Racheal as a scapegoat to distort the meaning of the words, and prove his ideal of dishonesty toward the Bible. Once again, the relationship of trust is broken, and it is crucial that he calls Racheal to be one of the witnesses. Brady’s ambition is growing stronger, as his ignorance of others and beliefs that he is a supreme leader. As Drummond remarks, “The Gospel according to Brady! God speaks to Brady, and Brady tells the world” (100). Drummond convinces the people of Hillsboro that Brady wants to control their thought-the only Christian fundamentalist thought shall exist. Hornbeck mentions, Brady is not a “hero of hinterland” (34). Brady’s ignorance and belief that religion can change everything, and people need to discover the truth, which causes his best friend turns away from him. Drummond replays, “All motion is relative. Perhaps it is you who have moved away-by standing still” (67). The ignorance causes Brady to believe that all motion is unnecessary, especially the understanding of scientific development. In a particular way, Brady demonstrates the characteristic of the Golden Dancer by his arrogances, ambitions and ignorance. As the result, Brady reveal his true identity and becomes a victim of the Golden Dancer.

Assuredly, not only Brady demonstrated the characteristics of the Golden Dancer, Reverend Brown also displays traits of Golden dancer. Even though the Reverend Brown is superior church head figure, but his words accusing Cates demonstrates another side of him. Reverend Brown remarks, “Let him feel the terror Thy sword! For all eternity, let his soul writhe in anguish and damnation-” (66). Reverend Brown reveals his inner self by accusing Cates, he encounter Cates as being the sinner-and disobey the God and should receive the punishment of death. The harsh words provoke the goal of him not only want to prove the religion but putting the issues of disproving the relation between his daughter, Racheal, and her relationship with Cates. Even Brady disaffirms his statement by saying, “Remember the wisdom of Solomon in the Book of Proverbs-He that troubleth his own house…shall inherit the wind” (67). In this case, Brady indicates that Reverend Brown should deal this business alone with Racheal, and should not bring it out to public, because it only seems like a foul. In addition, Brady is saying just let it be, everything will be fine and emptiness will gone with the wind. Reverend Brown’s relationship with Racheal is different than his public image. Racheal grievances to Drummond, “I wanted to run to my father, and have him tell me I was safe, that everything was all right. But I was always more frightened of him than I was falling. It’s the same way now” (55). In public, Reverend Brown seems kind but a powerful church leader....

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