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The Reality Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Since the mid 1990’s there has been an alarming upsurge within the human trafficking community. In the country of Bangladesh, women and young girls are sold into the trafficking industry by ones close to them. The price of their life is looked upon as a way to pay off debt or simply because their families are incapable of raising them. You rarely hear about Bangladeshi boys being sold because in their country a boy is seen as more valuable than a girl. According to a documentary directed by Michael Glawogger, attempts to prevent this from occurring because “[t]he outside world pushes us out of the way to make room. Those people are our clients” (Whores Glory). Society knows that these girls are better off living in a brothel, a house where men can visit prostitutes, than on the street. Bangladeshi laws go unenforced and trafficked victims are unprotected; whatever happens behind closed doors stays behind closed. Within the brothel the new girl is assigned to a madam, which acts like a pimp. Due to the governments low measures of protection families are able to sell their female members to traffickers who then sell them to a brothel, a house where men can visit prostitutes. The Bangladeshi government fails to have an organized system that can protect trafficked victims because they are clueless on how to identify current victims; “In a country where less than 10 percent of children are registered at birth, it is difficult to track whether children’s rights are being protected” (UNICEF). The most ironic thing about the government’s incapability to identify current victims is a sham since government officials participate in receiving pleasure from these victims instead of trying to help them.
Human trafficking within Bangladesh is broken into two categories: internal trafficking and international trafficking. Internal trafficking is when Bangladeshi women and children are “trafficked internally for commercial sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and forced and bonded labour” (Mohammad Barad Hossain Chowdhury 2). With internal trafficking girls are sold into bondage by parents, induced into labor by fraud and physical coercion. These girls are as young as eight years old and are trafficked from poor rural areas into cities. International trafficking is when these women and children are trafficked to Pakistan and India for commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor. In both cases brothel owners and pimps coerce Bangladeshi girls into taking steroids in order to enhance their beauty. Ninety percent of women and girls around the age of fifteen and thirty-five have taken this drug (United States Department of State). In 2002, the Bangladeshi government release the “Repression of Women and Children Act”, amended in 2003 (Trafficking in Persons in Bangladesh). This Act intends to prohibit and punish anyone who is involved in endangering or participating in the trade part of trafficking. In 2012, in attempt to protect the...

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