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The Reality Of My Future Essay

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The reality of the real world is much diverse than you would imagine when you are in middle school. There are relentless, expensive taxes that must be payed. For example, FICA, the state taxes, and the federal taxes costs me a total of $1,585.15! Along with the costly taxes, there are everyday need that have to be payed for too! For example, clothing, food, and utilities are just a few of those reparations. This is just a minor taste of what I’ve learned at the Kankakee Valley Middle School Reality Store Project. It taught me this much and much more!
The KVMS Reality Sore Project allowed you to choose your own occupation, but it was based on your grades and grade point average for the third quarter. I had a high grade point average and satisfying grades. Therefore, I got to choose the career of my choice, which was a physician assistant. A physician assistant receives a gross pay of $7,137.00 each ...view middle of the document...

Also, I was able to afford a new economy car, and I was able to buy a smartphone, like I planned. The only thing I was not correct about, is my marital and parental status. On my pretest, I planned to be married and have one child by the time I was twenty-eight years old. Though in the Reality Store, I was single with no children, which actually reduced my own expenses on food, insurance, and clothing for example.
With a beneficial job and less expenses to pay for, I did not have to make any sacrifices. Therefore, I was able to be a proponent for the foundation of PET, and I was able to donate an additional one-hundred eight dollars towards that foundation. Also, I put an additional one-hundred twenty dollars into my savings account with $1,133.16 leftover, which I was able to spend on my own diversions and luxuries. For example, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet, Acer C270 Chromebook, and a Samsung Galaxy Phone with a surplus of $152.29. Thanks to my high grade point average, which got me my occupation as a physician assistant, I was able to purchase my own luxury items and make no sacrifices!
Therefore, the Kankakee Valley Middle School Reality Store Project has taught me very much about what to expect when you enter the reality of the real world yourself, and how if I wanted a high-class lifestyle with luxuries included, you need a high education level with good grades. This experience taught me to keep my satisfying grades high and receive a high level of education, because that is basically the only way to get a lucrative job that you may actually be looking forward to doing everyday! Though, I was going to keep my grades high anyways. I felt the KVMS Reality Store Project was a great experience that showed a person, on the track they’re on, how their life will end up. I think this is a revealing, yet encouraging project that will inspire students to do better in school. The Kankakee Valley Middle School Reality Store Project truly showed me the reality of the world, and it taught me how if I keep getting good grades, I will be able to succeed in the real world and live an enjoyable life!

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