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The Reality Of Sex Slavery In The Present Day

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In Margaret Atwood’s novel,  Oryx and Crake,  she  constantly  places the reader in an uncomfortable environment. The story takes place in a not so distant future where today’s world no longer exists due to an unknown catastrophe.  The only human is a man who calls himself the Abominable Snowman or Snowman for short, but in his childhood days his name was Jimmy.  If the thought of being all alone in the world is not uneasy enough, Atwood takes this opportunity to point out the flaws of the modern world through Snowman’s reminiscing about Jimmy’s childhood.  The truths exposed are events that people do not want to acknowledge: animal abuse for human advancement, elimination of human interaction due to technology, and at the core of the novel is the disturbing imagery that slavery is still present.  Modern day servitude is an unsettling topic that has remained undercover for far too long.  However, the veracity is exposed in the traumatic story of Oryx.  In order to understand the troubled societies of today, Atwood unmasks the dark world of childhood bondage through the character Oryx, but she gives subtle insights on how to change the world for the better before it is too late. 
Snowman lives in a world of isolation and hopelessness; be that as it may, the world Jimmy lived it was not similar to Snowman’s.  Before a catastrophic epidemic broke out and annihilated the entire human race,  the world was similar to the United States of America in 2014: children attended school, educators pushed students to understand math and sciences,  and parents were wrapped up in their own desires. Obviously, the book is science-fiction, and not set in the present day, in fact that the citizens live in high security research compounds or in the outcasts of society called Pleeblands.  Additionally, scientists have discovered ways to create crossbreed and specialized species for human advancement and profit.  One of significance is the pigoon, “was to grow an assortment of foolproof human-tissues organs in a transgenic knockout pig host– organs that would transplant smoothly and avoid rejection” (Atwood 22).  Certainly, Atwood was implicating a possible foretelling of future events based on the possibilities of today and the unknown scientific discovers of tomorrow.  She makes the readers cautious of the chance that with great technological advancements ethical boundaries are continuously crossed and humanity may become a thing of history.  While the pigoons are examples of unrighteousness, there is not a better individual who was constantly mistreated than Oryx. 
Oryx throughout a half the novel is an unknown individual, a mystery, a person whom Jimmy longs to learn more about.  Oryx is at the heart of this novel not because she is the shared love interest of both Crake (Jimmy's best friend) and Jimmy, but because she was sold into childhood prostitution.  The first time the reader encounters Oryx is graphically unsettling, “She smiled a hard little smile...

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