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The Reality Of Television Essay

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Ever since its invention, television has been a popular device used for both entertainment and relaxation. According to a recent survey, the average child spends at least 4 hours each day watching television. By the age of sixteen, he or she will have spent more time in front of the screen than at school (Witt, n.d.). As a result it has a big influence in the development of children. Although it presents itself with benefits, it is also associated with many negative side effects. It is undeniable through evidence that television decreases the rate of childhood development mentally, physically and socially.
Television negatively affects mental development and leads to changes in the behavior of children. Children are likely to imitate what they see on television with the belief that what is happening on screen is what is considered normal in society. Violence in media is clearly seen to have a large influence on the conduct of children. By the age of eleven, children are generally exposed to as much as 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of violence on television (Sokal-Gutierrez, 2014). Watching violence causes the child to become more aggressive in behavior. Albert Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment proves this by showing that children learn from what they see. Most violent acts that happen on television are often followed without any consequences and are associated with humor, showing them in a more glamorous light. This encourages children to resort to aggression when facing a conflict as they believe it is what is expected of society and that it is an easy way to avoid confronting a problem. Television also installs negative values on children. For instance, children learn to believe and accept the stereotypes and gender roles present in television. “Television is perhaps the form of media most influential in shaping ideas of appropriate sex roles” (Witt, n.d.). Kids learn values taught through media, which affects how they interact with other people. Their viewpoints are highly influenced by the shows they see. Media encourages negative habits through commercials, for example, in a positive light, encouraging children to take part in these activities. Drinking alcohol, for example, is associated with people who are successful, attractive and healthy. Children will consequently believe that drinking is linked with these positive outcomes and characteristics, causing them to be more inclined to resort to drink alcohol. Ultimately, it is evident that television plays a large role in setting values and encouraging activities that may not be positive to the child’s growth.
Additionally, watching television at a young age increases the risk of health problems. Television replaces physical activity with sedentary behavior, decreasing the time spent on keeping the body healthy and in shape. A census shows that that on average, children spend twelve times more hours watching television than playing outside. While 24 hours a week passes in front of the...

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