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The Back Bones Connected To The Neck Bone, And The X Rays Connected To Liberal Arts Education

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As my son played in his skates trying to do his special trick he tripped and hurt his hand. He was crying hysterically, so we rushed him to the emergency room, and as soon as we saw the doctor he ordered some x-rays. He kept on crying and he only wanted to be with his mother. The radiology technician approached him really nicely, and made a comment about his Lego T-shirt he was wearing. She started talking to him and explained to him that she was going to be taking some different pictures of his hand, so the doctor can see and make his hand feel better. My son wanted to know everything she explained how the machines worked, so he was a little more calm knowing the process. As the radiologic technologist took some x-rays and told him he was all done. He was amazed how fast and painless it was. He left happy knowing soon the doctor would be seeing his x-rays. As Robert Harris mentioned in “On the purpose of a Liberal Arts Education” liberal arts education can help someone be more successful in their career. With a liberal arts education a radiology technologist will gain good communication skills, they will be able to teach and learn new things, and have more critical thinking skills that will help them be a better person in their career. Having these special skills will help them be a better employer.
Having a liberal arts education will not teach someone everything about their career, but it will help them in the learning ability. Taking liberal arts education in college can help you by learning new thing as you will always be learning in your career. As Harris mentioned, “Liberal arts institution will enable you to understand new material more easily, and learn faster and more thoroughly and permanently” Being a radiology technologist there will be a lot of different kinds of machines, that a technician must learn how to use to diagnose its patients. Therefore being a radiologic technologist it is good to be a fast learner. As mentioned in Ericksen article where she interviewed some technician that mentioned that they trained on different machines, and the hospitals expect them to be familiar with the machines within a week. Having taken a liberal arts education has helped them with their learning skills because they have taken different kinds of classes that they had to learn from. For example, in math class they always have new formulas and equations to learn how to solve problems. Most people wonder why we have to take math if they will never use these equations, but math is also teaching them new ways to solve their problems just like they would have to do in their job. Like any new material or equipment they need to get familiar with and this can benefit the radiographer in getting their work done faster. Being in this career they will always have a new machine with better technology coming in that they will need to learn how to use fast and get acquainted with to get their job done. As mentioned in the article of “People with potentially...

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