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The REASONThe sky was covered with millions of stars; the weather was windy yet so subtle that I can feel the wind massaging me as I was opening the window. On that fine night, I started reading Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, a notorious spy thriller novel. From what I've heard, the plot is very intriguing and complicated but interesting which made me tingling with excitement wanting to read it when my order of the book from eBay arrived at 6.30 p.m. this afternoon. Before I started reading, I wanted to make my self as comfortable as possible. As to that, I helped myself to mug of freshly brewed triple espresso and a jar of Famous Amos cookies which is always in stock as it was my favorite. My parents are on a vacation in the Bahamas, probably by the beach at this moment, enjoying the sunset. So, it is just me, a mug of coffee, some cookies and an enticing novel titled Splinter Cell.Just as I was flipping the first page of the novel, the lights suddenly went off. I thought it was a normal power interruption but as I looked out from the window of the forth floor of my house in which the whole floor was my room, I saw miles of darkness. It was pitch black! That indicates that the whole power grid that went off which means hours of darkness and hotness. I slowly went down the staircase which an L.E.D flashlight illuminated my path to the kitchen to get some candles. I put down the novel on the counter top to grab two boxes of wax candles and lit them up, all twelve of them illuminating every nook and cranny of the kitchen and the living room as I am a bit scared of the dark. I went back to the kitchen to grab the Splinter Cell novel which I left to start reading it on my father's recliner seat beside his Yamaha grand piano. To avoid stuffiness, I opened a few windows to let the cool breeze into the living room and also brought down the refreshment that I've made earlier and placed it onto the small Italian marble coffee table beside the recliner.As I flipped the first page for the second time, a fairly strong breeze blew in pushing the curtains back and forth knocking down a few candles that I placed on the side tables near the windows. That made the curtain, which my mother had just paid a hefty 88 thousand Ringgit Malaysia for a designer from Japan to fly here just to make those curtain panels, caught fire. I ran to the guest washroom to get a pail of water to put out the before small flame. To my horror, the fire had spread to all curtain panels adjacent to the first one that caught fire and rising up to the plaster ceiling. I tried to put out the flame but failed miserably."Think Ariff! Think!"I quickly went upstairs to my parents' bedroom to grab their valuable belongings which was father's Lamborghini briefcase, which contained our account books, bank statements and the certificate of ownership for both land and house that we are living in now, and mother's Louis Vuitton suitcase which she had turned it into her jewellery safe deposit "box" as...

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