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The Reason For Divorce In The U.S.

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Is divorce a necessary process? Nowadays, many married couples who have problems in their married lives are considering divorce, and most of them finally divorce. Because America has an open and liberal atmosphere in society, Americans tend to think that divorce is a common situation. According to research from the 1990s, in the United States about four out of every ten recently married couples see their marriage end in divorce and now, the United States has the highest divorce rate in the world. There are four reasons why American people have the highest divorce rate in the world.Money is the main factor why Americans have the highest divorce rate. After marriage, most couples work continuously together to have affluent lives. However, if they are not satisfied with the money that they earn and feel their lives are the same as they previously were, they easily fall into thinking about getting divorced. In other words, although a man and a woman truly love each other, if their material circumstances do not support them, the happy life in their marriage becomes difficult, so they get a divorce. After getting married, they take care of their partner. For example, when they live together, a couple has to buy food for two people which would cost more money. However, when a person lives alone, he or she do not have to worry about spending extra money for the spouse.Besides money, infidelity is another issue why the U.S has the highest level of divorce. Because of the fact that both husband and wife work, they spend more time at work than with each other. Although they are already married, as they spend a lot of time at work place, there are many possibilities that they might fall in love with somebody else. What makes it more possible is that whoever remains at home without work might have feelings of loneliness or need of love. In this case, going out with someone who can fill the need could be more attractive. It seems that the less time they have for each...

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