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The Cause Of The Endless Wars Against The United States Of America

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The continuing successful and attempted terrorist attacks in the USA and the endless wars and conflicts in which we are involved are a manifestation of political, economical and imperialistic failures in Arab lands.  This was supported by Western society with the United States as the largest of powers.  Instability, oppression, poverty and political alienation that the citizens of many Islamic-Arab nations experienced within the last hundred years have led to major hatred of the United States by the people of many Arab nations.  These sources of hatred can be viewed as remote causes of the endless terror attacks and conflicts around the globe.  Through the analysis of these causes, it is possible to find ways to avoid such incidents of terror by solving the problem at the source.

Most of our conflicts with Muslims is rooted from a manifestation of hatred for the United States' support of Israel.  The resentment and hatred are widespread throughout the Arab countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, and Syria which are experiencing less freedom, high unemployment, oppressive governments, and overpopulation unlike Israel.  As Zaharia puts it "For all its flaws, out of the same desert Israel has created a functioning democracy, a modern society with an increasingly high technology, economy and thriving artistic and cultural life"(27).  Before Israel became a state in 1948, Arabs were being displaced by Jews in 1920 when "the purchase of land by Jewish agencies angered the indigenous Palestinians, especially tenant farmers, who had been evicted to make room for settlers" (Bulliet 772).  Even though this does not directly involve the United States, it does involve the British, because Palestine was a British mandate during the time Jews began arriving.  But gradually the United States inherited this problem by association with Britain and by supporting the Jews. 

Another detracting force in Arab nations came under the curse of oil money.  In the 1970's a new class of rich came out of the rise of oil in the Middle East.  As Zaharia states, "[wealth] has enriched and empowered the gulf governments so that, like their Arab brethren, they too have become more repressive over time" (28).  Many of these countries ruled by those who have the oil money "are close American allies" (Zaharia 27).  Many of the rulers such as Gamal Abd el Nasser, the President of Egypt and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia were leaders of monarchies who controlled all the wealth in the land.  In fact, Osama bin Laden's father was among those who became greatly wealthy from oil.  The common people who were living in poverty and oppressive conditions saw their leaders adopting Western signs of wealth: suits, cars, and education in the west-mainly Britain.  This type of environment fueled hatred of America, because it was the model these leaders were following and they eventually became allies with the United States.  So, it is possible that this...

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