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The Reason Why I Want To Study In Maranatha High School

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There was a famous scientist who put forward the first idea that the planets in the solar system are going around the sun. But his idea didn't been believed in back then. His name is Nicholas Copernicus, and he referred to God in his works, and didn't believe that there is any contraction between his system and the Bible.(Banville) And there was an other great scientist called Isaac Newton, he is a genius in In mechanics, and mathematics. But very less people know that he believe in God.(Force) There are more scientist who believe in God, such as Galileo Galilei and Albert Einstein. My dream is to graduate from the best America university and then to be a great scientist who can help ...view middle of the document...

Because nothing could beat the feeling of loneliness by being far away from my country now. And I feel many invisible pressure by no reason. I've been here at the middle of the school year, so I didn't get any chance to join any activities at school. But I already saw how interesting to join some activities at school. And I am very value the experiences from the social activities. I found out that the Maranatha high school has so many activities at school.
Secondly, I need to have more and more knowledges to support me to get in to the best university in the US. I am a hardworking person, I got good grades at school although I am not that smart. So I believe that I can learn a lot at Maranatha high school. Don't worry, maybe it will be very hard for me at first, but I will go through it by my hard working. I have my dream to achieve, so I won't give up easily. Including to the internet, I found out that there are 20 students in one class, and the ratio of students is14:1. In order to get into the best university, I need a perfect study environment. And I believe Maranatha high school can ensure me better. And I put my goal on MIT, I know that seems impossible and I am not a genius. But I believe if I am hardworking enough I can make it. Even I can't, I will still try hard. On the other hand, even though I am not planing to find a job that have any thing to do with art, but I still got some talent on it. I am good at making many kinds of artwork, and I am also good at Chinese traditional handwriting. I began to learn that since I was five years old. And I began to swim at the same time. I know that good university also value that. I found out that there is a swimming team at Maranatha high school, and I am sure I will improve a lot about them there. So the Maranatha high school is a good choice...

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