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The Reasons To Clone Essay

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The recent successful cloning of a sheep named "Dolly" has sparked a huge controversy through out the United States. Many Americans are against the practice of human cloning, because of misconceptions illustrated by the media, ethnics, and their fears of the unknown. However, the truth of the matter is that human clones have been around for centuries a prime example would be identical twins. Americans for the most part have embraced them and often referring to them as "precious gifts." Now scientist now have discovered the practice of therapeutic and reproductive cloning are vital tools for medical advancement. In fact, they believe that they could help and possibly be a cure for millions of Americans that suffer from fertility problems and life altering diseases. Therefore, I believe that the United States government should not ban the practice of human cloning . Millions of infertile couples in the United States spend thousands of dollars on various fertility drugs and reproductive procedures in hopes of having a biological child. Fifty percent of the couples that use fertility and reproductive procedures succeed in having a child. Imagine the pain that the other fifty percent have to endure the months of wasted time, thousands of dollars lost , and having to come the realization of not having a biological child. over scientists now feel that they have the potential to help millions infertile couples by use of Adult DNA cloning. Adult DNA involves removing the DNA from an embryo and replacing it with the DNA from an adult. Then, the embryo is allowed to develop into a baby with the same DNA as the donor. Adult DNA could also be used to help eliminate possible diseases and birth defects. For example, a couple whom both carry the diabetes trait could simply remove the gene from the egg. Because when a couple uses Adult DNA they have advantage of designing their child. Looking at cloning from a personal aspect my son would not suffer with acute asthma. During the winter months my son and I both spend virtually every weekend in the hospital. My son can not enjoy the simple things in life like, running, jumping , playing football, or even enjoying himself on a winter day with wondering if it will be his last breath. As a result of my son's inabilities I strongly feel that if adult DNA cloning or any form of cloning were available to me at the time of conception and could have prevented my son from inheriting acute asthma from his father. I personally would have paid any amount of money to prevent my son from having acute asthma. Millions of organ transplant patients die very year from organ rejection and the lack of organ donors. However, Scientists believe the use of therapeutic cloning could eliminate the need for a donor and organ rejection. Scientists did an experiment in Mass which proves that scientists are getting closer to reproducing human organs. Scientists at Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, MA have...

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