The Causes And Blame For World War One

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The date June 24th 1914 is forever stained by the blood of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife the Duchess Sophie. Together their deaths sparked the beginnings of genocide, one of the worst in history with the number of casualties spiking as high as 37 million, both military and civilian. Francis Ferdinand and his wife’s were only the first in a rapidly growing line. The interesting thing about the war is that it could have been avoided, not many people cared too much about the Archduke, however his death was at the hand of a young Serbian terrorist by the name of Gavril Princip. Princip was a member of the Black Hand, an organization of nationalists who refused to be controlled by any foreign power. In 1908 Austria-Hungary was starting to worry about its future as a great power, as a result they proceeded to annex the twin Balkan Provinces of Bosnia-Herzegovina. This angered the independent Balkan nation of Serbia, who considered Bosnia a Serb homeland. In retaliation Serbia doubled its territory, both threatening and challenging Austria-Hungarian supremacy in that region. ¬¬¬During that time more trouble was stirring up, France and Russia had allied with each other against Germany for the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian war, their territory being annexed, and the threat of the growing German navy. Back in the Austria-Hungary territory, they were being pressed to maintain their credibility as a force in the Balkan region, the solution; ask Germany for help. With Germany at their back, Austria-Hungary sent the Serbian ambassador an ultimatum, “The Serbian government must take steps to wipe out terrorist organizations within its borders, suppress anti-Austrian propaganda and accept an independent investigation by the Austro-Hungarian government into Franz Ferdinand’s assassination, or face military action.” (Staff) On July 28th Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia; this started a chain of events with Great Britain, France, and Russia on one side with Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire on the other. The aftermath of the war resulted in the death of millions of people and the fall of three age old empires. However if no one really cared about the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and the Duchess, couldn’t the war have been avoided all together, and in the end who was to blame for the start of the war? To get a better idea, take a look behind the curtain and take a minute to observe Germany, the biggest culprit for the cause of World War One. At the time Germany was a relatively large country, yet not large enough to be considered a world power and that is exactly what Kaiser Wilhelm II wanted. The Kaiser was extremely insecure, not just at that time, but at all stages of his life, as a result he believed the only way to achieve his goal was to compete with Britain’s navy. This was not exactly very smart as Britain was the largest world sea-power in the…, well, in the world. Not only did Germany have an...

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1157 words - 5 pages therefore a war began over land and colonies.Now you know why World War One happened and what the causes of it were. Imperialism, militarism, alliances and nationalism. Though it may be hard to believe, it is all true. And because of those causes, the world went to a war for years and millions of people lost their lives as a result. Luckily all of that is over for now. But there are still other countries in the world who go through the same war and

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