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The Reasons Behind Bloody Sunday Essay

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The Reasons Behind Bloody Sunday

Both of these sources are primary as both were written at the time,
but Source B is an account written by someone who was actually within
the workers of the strike whereas Source A is the account of events as
the Tsar saw them or heard about them. This however does not make
Source B more useful than Source A just because it was written by
someone within the crowd. This source could have been written possibly
some hours after the march and some details may have got confused or
to make the report sound more interesting the writer's imagination
could have come in to use.

Source A is the Tsars version of events on what happened on Bloody
Sunday. Even though the Tsar was the leader of the country the
information about Bloody Sunday was relayed to him because he was not
present to witness the goings on. We can tell this as in his diary he
says he went out for a walk and lunch. This could mean that the
information he was told was information he wanted to hear and not the
actual details. The person who told him could not have told the Tsar
everything to make sure the events didn't sound as bad as they were.
This however could not be true and everything he wrote in his diary
was true as it was probably him that ordered the troops on the crowd.
In his diary he also writes how he feels about the events: 'God, how
painful and sad!' But then he swiftly moves on to the other events in
his day. This makes it seem like he does not really care about what
happened and what is written in his diary could all have been for
show. This also explains why his diary doesn't go into the accident in

Source B although it seems more useful than Source A it may not be. I
think this because the writer of this article could have easily
tampered with the correct details of that day. The report seems to be
quite biased towards the marchers and because the writer was only in
one place he only saw the events in one place whereas the Tsar would
have been told what happened everywhere.

Despite this I personally would find Source B more useful therefore I
would say a historian would find this more useful. Although the report
may have some parts that are slightly exaggerated it has the basic
events in it whereas the Tsars diary could have easily been written in
mind that if it was found there must be bits in it where the Tsar
expresses his shock so he was not accused of not caring, also the
information given to him was probably not the whole truth.

b) How far does Source D agree with the impression of the marchers
given in Source C?

The way that the petition is written would suggest that the marchers
really are at their last straw and are very desperate. I think that
this image of desperation and suffering portrayed by the requests in
the petition link in with...

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