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The Reasons Behind The Development Of Need For Achievement

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The Reasons behind the Development of Need for Achievement
In this essay the author will be showing how a life experience that happened right when she was born made her grow up with a high need for achievement, relating to the theories self-actualization, self- efficacy, and locus of control.
According to S. E. Wood, E. G. Wood, and D. Boyd, authors of Mastering the World of Psychology (2011), the definition of need for achievement is “ the need to accomplish something difficult and to perform at a high standard of excellence” (p. 300). It is something that a lot of people try to do on a daily basis, but for some people need for achievement is something they need to do to feel accomplished. According to Mastering the World of Psychology (2011), self- actualization has two definitions. One being “the pursuit of self-defined goals for personal fulfillment and growth” and the other is “developing to one’s fullest potential” (pp. 302 & 371). These definitions mean about the same thing, but to the way the author grew up, they have different meanings.
Now self-efficacy and locus of control are two social-cognitive theories that affect a person’s personality (Boyd, D., Wood, E.G., & Wood, S.E., 2011, p. 381). In Mastering the World of Psychology (2011), self-efficacy is defined as being “the perception a person has of his or her ability to perform competently whatever is attempted” and locus of control is defined as being “…a cognitive factor that explains how people account for what happens in their lives—either seeing themselves as primarily in control of their behavior and its consequences or perceiving what happens to them to be in the hands of fate, luck, or chance” (Boyd, D., Wood, E.G., & Wood, S.E., p. 379).
The author of this essay had to grow up being the only girl in thirteen years. She had to grow up with all male cousins having the expectations that she could be just as good as them, if not better. With that type of ‘competition’, she felt she needed to perform everything to the highest standard, otherwise she felt that her effort was not good enough. In this author’s opinion, she had to live by a high need for achievement. People with a high need for achievement are people who, through hard work, ability, determination, and persistence, set their goals high to accomplish what needs to be done, but at the highest standard that is possible for them (Boyd, D., Wood, E.G., & Wood, S.E., p. 300). They prefer challenge, but accept the outcome as their personal responsibility (Scott, L.R., & Shaver, K.G., 2002, p. 343).
Growing up with a high need for achievement, the need for self-actualization is also high. Having need for achievement being that a person sets their goals high to achieve the designated outcome that they want; a person also needs to pursue self-actualization goals (Boyd, D., Wood, E.G., & Wood, S.E., p. 302). The author of this essay feels she does not have very high self-actualization goals set up for...

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