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The Reasons Behind The World’s Hatred For The Us

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Many non-Americans, who regularly watch American movies and TV shows, listen to American music, wear clothes of American brands, get very agitated when this topic comes up. Even though they immerse themselves in all American aspects of life, the majority of them still show an open, unabashed hatred for the US. One of the major reasons for this resentment is because those movies and TV shows and news channels almost always portray the US in a negative light, subtly implying as though the US was the root of all evil, which is run by giant faceless corporations bent on doing nothing but increasing their revenue, by any means possible; without caring for whatever repercussions their actions may ...view middle of the document...

This has led to the conception of the previously mentioned ‘giant faceless corporations’; a three word phrase, that, due to the propagandist actions of the media, is now synonymous with the name ‘America’.
These corporations are a direct by-product of this ‘Money Culture’, and definitely its most unsettling one. In the corporate world, only the most ruthless corporations, with their hostile money grabbing policies and intelligently tailored advertisements to promote their revenues; while advancing the cause of consumerism; thrive. Owing to the legalization of extensive lobbying, where lawmaking can be influenced by paying politicians, these few capital rich corporations and organizations can influence governmental decisions to a great degree, especially foreign policies, effectively leaving third world countries open for exploitation by them.
For example, Shell Oil, an MNC (Multi National Corporation), extracted 50% of Nigeria’s yearly crude output, and 14% of its own output from the Niger delta region (The Changing Nature of Third World Exploitation, 1995). Though a large number of the local populace was recruited by Shell to serve as the basic labor force, there has been no change in the deplorable conditions the locals were living in. Over a period of 15 years, due to massive and widespread oil spills, heavy land degradation of the alluvial soil has taken place. The locals, who come from an agriculture based society, have in effect, been deprived of their ancestral way of life, their heritage, all due to the greed driven actions of the partly American corporation.
The publicizing of cases like these (there are many such cases) is the primary reason of the world’s deep seated mistrust and loathing of the US. As Arundhati Roy (2001) has so rightly stated, “American people ought to know that it is not them, but their government’s policies that are so hated. She goes on to describe the US’s foreign policy as “gunboat diplomacy, [accompanied by the threat of its] nuclear arsenal, vulgarly stated policy of ‘full-spectrum dominance’, chilling disregard for...

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