The Reasons Corner Shops Stay In Business

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The Reasons Corner Shops Stay in Business

"We think [the revival] is very much due to corner shops reinventing
themselves as convenience stores, and offering a lot more products in
line with what modern customers want," he said. "They are not gaining
customers at the expense of supermarkets. "They are making a high
level of sales for distress and top-up purchases, where people need to
buy a few things but do not want to do a main shop."

Why do we support the small shops when it would seem that the
supermarkets have everything to offer and have such support from the
population.? Well, we have examined the advantages of supermarkets but
not the drawbacks. They are often the things which one cannot value In
pounds and pence. The supermarkets and hypermarkets often contribute
nothing to community life. The conveyor-belt speed service leaves
little space for chat a personal interaction, after all "time Is
money", and the assistants appear to resent the customers. This is not
entirety surprising -- every one shopping or employed in a superstore
become inevitably de-personalised when there is an absence of
familiarity and where everyone is a stranger. A hierarchy builds up
and customers with a complaint about products/service have to phone or
write to faceless customer enquiry departments ... which are often
miles away. Power is concentrated in the hands of an ever-decreasing
number and the trend gathers momentum with glossy advertising
campaigns in the media -- the small shop is powerless against such
monolithic monopoly capitatism at its worst. It has little resemblance
to enterprise. It is closer to the corporate structure of the former
empires, in that wealth and ownership is concentrated there is little
accountability. There is a Lifeline for the small trader.... A
mechanism has to be devised to enable them to sell a small selective
range of goods without being undercut. I would suggest either a
special "bulk-buy tax" upon retailers who bulk buy over a certain
amount of goods or maybe a surcharge for shops which sell a larger
range of goods (what constitutes a range? - that would have to be set
by an independent panel) A multiple product surcharge could worked as
follows : A large hypermarket which sold Newspapers in one section and
Pharmaceuticals/Fresh Bread/potatoes etc in other sections would be
treated as if it were a combination of a Newsagents. Chemists, Bakers
and Green Grocers shops and pay 4 lots of tax whereas a shop which was
simply a Green Grocers would be liable for only one tax rate. This
would immediately reverse the decline of the small shop, I believe,
and make their goods far more affordable to the consumer. Other
measures could be taken whilst this was phased in :

* A discount voucher scheme involving all of the small shops in a
designated area for...

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