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The Reasons For Child Abuse Essay

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Throughout the centuries there have always been children abused by either their parents, guardian, or an adult. People often wonder why a man or woman would want to harm a child and many programs are out there that do their best to prevent child abuse. The best prevention however of first asking the question, what are the causes of child abuse? Child abuse is often the result of stress or anger issues, psychological disorders, or the cause of the person having been abused as a child themselves.
Some people cannot handle the responsibilities and obligations a parent must fulfill. Children, especially toddlers, need constant care and supervision putting a lot of weight on the parent. Single parents may feel this stress even more iif they do not have outside help from a family member or good friend dince they must also work as well as take care of their child or children whereas families with two parents are able to share the burdens of child rearing even if both have jobs. Another stress inducer is when moeny problems become prominent or a sudden tragedy has happened in the household. When money is an issue panic can set in causing the parent or guardian to lash out on the child. Money problems can also lead to child neglect if the parent is incapable of providing the basic needs of the child. Sudden tragedies in a home that can lead to abuse are unexpected deaths or medical emergencies such as an expensive operation or high maintenance care, others include a parent leaving the home, the loss of a job, or even of a child is mentally or physically handicapped. Deaths and medical emergencies can take a huge emotional toll on the family, without proper care the parent or guardian of the children may take their sorrows and pain out on them if they see no other alternative for release. If a spouse or partner abandons the household the sole care of the children suddenly falls ontot he remaining parent he or she may not be able to adjust to the sudden loss and stress of being the only adult the children rely on. Undoubtedly the weight of this dilema may turn the parent into an abusive one if the can not cope with the matter in a healthy way. A parent losing their job affects the whole household in a negative manner, especially if it was unexpected and the family is not financially secure. This may cause a rift between the two parents,one may lose respect for the other and they began fighting constantly. This relationship between the two parents psychologically damages kids when they see their parents so unhappy with each other. Then the frustrated parents might resort to hurting their kid or kids to deal with their pain. Occasionally a person may just naturally have anger management issues. This is a serious problem, more so when they are married and have kids. A severely angry man or woman has the potential to hurt their kids when they are in a fit of rage. Whether or not this comes out of physically harming them or mentally harming them it affects...

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