The Causes Of White Teens Dropout In The Delta.

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Dropping out is defined as leaving school without a high school diploma or equivalent credential such as a General Educational Development (GED) certificate as defined by the National Center for Education Statistics. To see high school students make the ultimate decision to give up is really disappointing. There are numerous of reasons that causes white teens to dropout in the Delta; such as drug addiction, pregnancy, academic issues, the school they attend, the teachers they have, the community their brought up in and etc.
We often times ask, why do teens dropout of school? When teens are having issues and are not successful in their studies it often forms a negative downward spiral in their commitment to school. If students have no commitment to their academic success, they have no incentives to go to school. When a teen have no attachment to their school their desire to be there begins to change. They do not see the need to go to school. Some white teens have been promoted lacking the skills needed to be promoted. Some have experienced major illnesses and missed too many school days and had to be held back. Some have been suspended and have fallen behind and was unable to catch up and pass the class.
The students make bad decisions. They are not involved in any extra-curricular actives; therefore, they get involved with gangs, drugs, and alcohol. They get pregnant and commit crimes. Numerous of teens that dropout have a poor school attitude and becomes bored by school. Being bored day in and day out can get frustrating, often so frustrating that a teen will simply stop going to school. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’, teens who are offered alternate learning opportunities, such as work-study programs, to keep them engaged, might be willing to stay in school until graduation. Teens might also be bored because they don’t have positive relationships with teachers and peers. Without social interaction and adult support, teens can grow bored and disengage with school which can cause another dropout. Many of times they are disconnected from their families, school and life it self. Often, teens disengage themselves from learning, feeling that their teachers do not care for the course material or understand how to connect it to real life. Teens who are not involved with their school have a high chance of dropping out. According to statistics 90% of students who engage in extra-curricular activities, stay in school.
Many white teen’s dropout of school because of the community they come from. Some teens live on the wrong side of town in places where education in not important, but where drugs, gangs, sex, and violence are relevant. They live in a community where the schools are low-performing and often times lack the communities support. Many of the teens come from families where their parents have dropped out of school themselves. Living in a society with so many people not trying, may cause...

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