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The Reasons To Being A Juvenile Delinquent

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the stage where a child becomes a teenager is very hard. This part of live from my own experience is the most difficult one because children change physically and mentally to become teenagers. In addition, teenagers in this stage like to have their own lifestyle, experiencing new things and being different from others. therefore, this hard part of life lead to two different ways and one of themis dark one leading to being juvenile delinquent. The three reasons that lead to juvenile delinquency are: having lax or lenient parents, peer pressure and the community that they live in.

The first reason of juvenile delinquency is having lax or lenient parents. Some parents give their children total freedom and let them do whatever they want, including going to some places where they do not know what do they do. Thus, those children may meet people who force them to do things for them. For instance, some shops uses boys for their drugs dealings, those dealings force them to complete other dealings. Consequently, those series of dealings will lead to other related things such as crimes and that is all because of parents who leave their children with others in far places or outside the house until late at night.

The second factor that leads to being juvenile delinquency is peer pressure. Peer pressure means those friends who put pressure on a person to do what they think is right or what they like whether it is right or wrong. they also give him/her an impression that he/she is a child or coward
and weak because his/her inability to do some dangerous things or activities. For example, some teenagers make their friendship with other teenagers in their age. However, their friends might have older people as friends. Consequently, some older people may teach their friends many things such as smoking and those young friends may in turn...

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