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The Reasons Why People Drop Out Of University.

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The reasons why people drop out of university are many. Each year millions of people join university in hopes of a bright future. But some choose to dropout. Whatever the reason, dropping out is a big decision and needs a great deal of consideration. Some of the reasons why people drop out of university are because they cannot handle the finances, the academic pressure they face and loss of interest.
The number one reason why people drop out of university is because they cannot handle the finances.
Some are not able to pay the college fees anymore.
They may be working part-time jobs to pay for their college education.
If they lose their jobs and can’t get another one they may be left with no choice but to drop out of the university.
Others may be supporting their families and have other expenses making them quit university.
Some may dropout because they no longer get any financial assistance.
They may lose grants or scholarships from college that helped ease their financial burden before.
Parents may be unable to help them anymore due to health and family expenses, other personal problems or emergencies.
Another reason why people drop out of university is because of the academic pressure they face.
Some may find the academic program too hard.
With time it can get difficult to maintain a good grade point average.
Some colleges offer remedial courses and other assistance for weaker students.
But with all the help that the college provides they may be still unable to improve their grades.
Bad study habits and routine can also be one of the causes.
Some students are just not ready for college.
They join the university totally unprepared and unmindful of the challenges they are going to face.
At high school they may be used to skipping classes, submitting assignments past the due date, passing exams with the least grades, less homework load and no other responsibility at all.
In college some have to...

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