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The Rebirth Of Wwii Essay

747 words - 3 pages

Rita Chen

Rita Chen

Ms Dean

AP Eng - 6

4 November 2008

The Rebirth of World War II

Reckless accusations during the McCarthyism era exploited fears in people in order to allow the silence of citizens and continue Joseph McCarthy's motives against Communism. In minimizing opposition against his intentions, McCarthy enforces certain actions be taken in order to promote his anticommunist efforts.

Citizens responded to the chaos of McCarthyism with obedience, remaining quiet only to save their reputations; if they spoke against McCarthy publicly, their lives will be destroyed from sudden community adversary. Any displayed opposition toward McCarthy's movement could result in "[his] vengeance [being…] terrible on [the citizens] that take[s] life without cause" (Miller 100). People are eager to obey McCarthy's rule in order to maintain employed as well as lead a successful and rich life. This results in the citizens' silence as McCarthy plots to wipe out the communist population. Additionally, in preying upon the fear of others and ensuring the sustainability of his movement, McCarthy made sure that "[nobody]…dare[d] to question" his authority (Why I Wrote par. 5). McCarthy's bold and risky moves permitted him to maintain authority even long after he went too far in encouraging anticommunism, ruining the careers of those suspected of communist affiliation. In interrogating McCarthy's purpose, one risked being suspected of being a communist. McCarthy's initial efforts prove to be successful: "many […] were reluctant to challenge him for fear that McCarthy would turn his anticommunist efforts against them" (McCarthyism par. 8). McCarthy had such immense supremacy during his crusade that nobody dared to contradict him. Once targeted, the careers of those who were found doubting McCarthy would be ruined. McCarthy took extreme measures to guarantee his success in promoting anticommunism.

McCarthy reminds people of the fear they had forgotten by planning a movement...

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