The Recall Election In California Essay

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Gray Davis was the first governor in America to be recalled in 82 years. A recall election took place on the Democrat Governor because California was faced with extensive energy and budget concerns. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Simon, both Republicans, were the two candidates looking as if they were going to run for the replacement governor.In order for the election to proceed, 6 million registered voters had to sign a petition. The petition argued the reasons why Davis was being recalled. The recall election and the replacement election were just days apart giving the two possible candidates a limited amount of time to decide whether they would run or not.From the 1600s, there are four well-known philosophers that dealt with government and the people: Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Baron de Montesquieu, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Their ideas and experiences differentiate the processes they would have taken during the present-day issue of the people over-throwing a government official.Struggling with a civil war, England had the population fighting between the power of the people and the absolute power of the King. Thomas Hobbes seemed to lean more towards the monarchy having absolute power. He strongly believed in his decision and the thought that people cause violence and disorder in society.In 1651, Hobbes wrote Leviathan. The book described a civilization without a government in control. Their life was complete chaos and the world was an awful image with people in control of their own ideas and actions. At times, Hobbes appeared to support the idea of Communism in his remarks and propositions.In the California issue, Hobbes would have sided that the people weren't permitted to decide whether their governor should resign or stay. He promoted the social contract which was an agreement to take freedom and follow the current ruler. It's very apparent Hobbes doesn't agree with the thought of people being able to revolt against the government.John Locke was also present during England's civil war but unlike Hobbes, he believed people were rational and principled. He did, however, defend the social contract to an extent. Locke believed whole heartedly in life, liberty, and property.Locke supported the theory of natural rights, privileges belonging to all humans from birth. The Two Treatises of Government was said in his name and he announced this to be the theory that people made the government for their natural rights.Government power was limited in his mind and because Locke believed people could overthrow the government, he would have supported the right of the people to sign the petition against Gray Davis. His ideas have been widely spread and he has proved to be very persuasive with the American colonists because of the use of his ideas in the Declaration of Independence.The English government consisted of three branches: legislative...

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