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The Recent Challenges That Uae Health Care System Facing

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The Recent Challenges That UAE Health Care System Facing
The UAE health care system is one of the important organizations in the country with a high standard, goals and programs. Since 1990, UAE had a new modern healthcare system with more facilities and a lot of professional physicians. The modern system is able to solve many challenges that were in the past such as the small number of hospitals, doctors and hospital beds. However, the improvement of the health care system is clearly shown in the result of many surveys such as the life expectancy, which show that the life expectancy in 2012 was 76.57 while in 1967 was 58.58. (World Bank Indicators, 2013). In addition, the UAE health care system is under a lot of rapid changing to remain in a constant progress and to be able to face any recent challenges.
Firstly, if we compare local doctors to non-local we will find that the health care system is missing a huge number of local human resources. In Abu Dhabi, only 8-10 percent of doctors are Emiratis (Al Hassani, 2012). The problem is that most of Emarati students find that studying medicine could be difficult, beside the long journey that they have to take to be doctors. Let's not forget that in UAE medical collages there are only five specializations. However, the small percentage of Emirati citizen in the medical field, forces the country to rely on non-locals. This result could cause other challenges for the healthcare system, such as the huge costs to bring non-locals and increasing the number of committed crimes also it takes a lot of time to bring the non-local doctors. On the other hand, most of the non-local doctors refused to leave their countries to come to the UAE because of the salary differences between what they receive from their country and what they will get in UAE and the cultural differences. The UAE healthcare system should start encouraging Emirati citizen to join the medical field also it should educate them about the importance to have a local hands in this field because we all know that the country can't rely completely on non-local.
Secondly , UAE is facing a dramatic increase in the number of cardiovascular disease patients. The cardiovascular disease or CVD is a chronic disease and number one cause of morality in the UAE with a percentage of 38% ("Noncommunicable diseases ," 2011). It is a result of bad, unhealthy habits such as smoking and eating poorly nutrient food, also its developed by other diseases such as, obesity, cancer , hypertension and diabetes, U.A.E. Recorded the 18th place among the world countries in the obesity of a rate of 68.3% of people who are overweight ("Research survey: Obesity," 2011). There is no cure for this disease and the problem is the symptoms of this disease is invisible until late stages, beside that Emarati residents get cardiovascular disease 15 years younger than in Europe, which means at the age of 45 (Ismail , 2011)....

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