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The Recipe For Success Essay

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Success can be determined in various ways. There are many formulas that people can try to calculate a person’s chance of achieving success. As stated in the book Outliers, by bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell, there are many factors that determine success. Gladwell after all is successful. He has published five books, was named one of Times magazine 100 most influential people, and won the American Sociological Association's first award for Excellence in the Reporting of Social Issues. Gladwell published his third book Outliers examines how a person's environment, in conjunction with personal drive and motivation, affects his or her possibility and opportunity for success. Malcolm Gladwell uses logical appeals, facts and statistics from very well-known successful people, and emotional appeal to the reader to make them realize that they cannot become successful in their field unless they combine a number of factors to become successful. Whether it is something that the person can control like the 10,000 hours or something that is out of the person’s hands like when they were born Gladwell use both of these appeals effectively persuade the reader into believing that the combination of things are the key to success described in his book Outliers. By giving real life examples of his argument, the reader can fully understand and apply the 10,000 hour rule to not only the examples in the book, but to their own lives as well.
With his use of logical appeals, Malcolm Gladwell captures the reader’s attention throughout the book. With every new chapter, Gladwell provides evidence to persuade the reader to believe his statements. The way he arranges his chapters and the whole book is very effective. Logical appeals help with the persuasion. Each new introduction of an outlier,...

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