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The Red Essay

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1. Saramago tells the story in third person (omniscient) because he wants to show us the readers how each character changed throughout the asylum. The author wants us to experience how the blindness affected their mental and physical abilities. What the characters been through and what feelings change with one another, Saramago shows the characters are even learning something along the way. The blindness is maybe a lesson for these people. It is a lesson because it shows horrifying truth about how soon the entire system and entire society crumbles to nothing if we lose just one of our senses. In addition, the author shows each character what they feel and been through so he can later on show that they end up turning heartless, or actually show their true personality.
2. The conventionalized punctuation shown has no effect on the novel because in the novel the author is explaining that this is the way we talk and the lack of quotation marks emphasizes the dialogue. The characters talk at once to show how they are afraid and are panicking in the quarantine. This is revealed in a conversation where people are in an actual disastrous situation, with seemingly everyone talking at the same time with voices filled with panic. There was not much dialogue because the less dialogue you understand what they are going through instead of see what they do you hear their voices all at once to make sure you heard what they did instead of visioning it in your mind. Saramago doesn’t identify the city in which been struck by the epidemic blindness or which street the first blind man was effected in because he wants us to understand that this disease can happen anywhere, and realize that these “names do not mean anything anymore. The author does not mention the Country, Continent or State because he wants us the reader to imagine the blindness scattering through where we live, instead of making connections to the place we can relate to the blindness because what the characters been through shows how they are human. Humanity is what makes us human rather we choose to follow the rules or either become inhumane.

3. Blindness is a novel about how an epidemic blindness that happens to strike a city. This novel discusses the essential problems that happen in are developing and developed countries like hunger, and diseases spreading. The horrendous quarantine in which the blind have to live in is an imitation of our present-day prisons. This “white blindness” represents quite a few problems for the way that we normally view disease, which is that the disease expresses no pain or resulting of death. The title relates to the characters because the title Blindness the characters end up being blind, in which the title is named blindness because it explains about the epidemic blindness changing society. The theme of the novel is how we humans react when tragedy overpowers are city. We end up being inhumane because as time progresses we forget who we are; respect and trust is...

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