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The Red And Blue Thorn Is The Name Of The Essay And Its About How Great Britain Can Be Traced Back To Many Of Problems That Have Faced The United States.

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The Red and Blue ThornAn unknown enemy exists to the United States. A country that's a wolf in sheep's clothing pretending to be the best friend. A country hugging the US, while at the same time trying to find a good place to stick a knife. Great Britain is fooling the world. How could a country whose citizens drive on the wrong side of the street, whose policemen carry sticks instead of guns, and whose monarchy is only for looks be a threat to anyone? Its pretty easy. Contrary to what many believe, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and Palestine/Israel are not the major problems of the United States. Whether directly or indirectly, Great Britain has been a thorn in the side of the United States since the birth of the nation.It all started back in colonial times when the thirteen colonies were still under the control of the English monarchy. The money hungry British decided to impose numerous amounts of taxes on its colonies in the new world. This made the colonists extremely angry because they were being taxed without any representation in the English government to fight for them. This eventually sparked the American Revolutionary War because of growing hostility. Once war broke out the English got really nasty. Everyone knows the story of the Bosten Massacre, the incident where British soldiers opened fire on a groups of angry colonists injuring quite a few and killing some as well; however, there are some less common dirty deeds of the British as well. After the Boston Tea Party, where colonists through hundreds of pounds of tea headed for England into Boston Harbor to show their discontent, Great Britain released the Coercive Acts which closed Boston Harbor crippling the colonists export and import industry which put a heavy dent in their economy. The acts also allowed the British to house British troops in the colonists homes (MultiEducator, Inc. "Coercive Acts Imposed By British 1714" ). Then the British began to attack. They enlisted the help of some of the most ruthless and savage Indian tribes to help them fight against the colonists. In June of 1778, a group of settlers in the Wyoming territory were ambushed and massacred by a group of British soldiers and Indians. The survivors of the initial strike were then captured, tortured, and then butchered by the Native Americans and the British soldiers (MultiEducator, Inc. "Massacre at Wyoming"). Like I said, after the war broke out, the British got nasty.Some people may say that Great Britain is not a threat or an enemy to the United States. Some people even say that England is our "mother country" and that we should respect them for their aid over the years. Well, does battling their "children" in a war, slaying their "children" at the Boston Massacre, enlisting savages to help fight their "children", or ambushing and torturing their "children" at the Massacre at Wyoming sound like motherly things to you (MultiEducator, Inc. "Massacre at Wyoming")? In fact the British were so belligerent toward the...

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