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THE FIRST COFFEE MUG I ever owned, I won from a radio show in 1988 on a Tuesday. I know, why get excited over a mug? Well, I had never won anything and my life was uneventful, stale, and mind-numbing. The mug came in the mail the following week, in a brown paper box. I slid my knife through the glistening tape, wet because of the storm brewing outside. I moved aside the pale blue bubble wrap to see pictures and vivid colored words on a package boasting that the mug had been hand painted in Brazil. I lifted it up and set it carefully on my marble island; the cardboard was calling out to me; it wanted me to open the box to see the beauty inside, to treasure it for the rest of my life.
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The coffee in comparison was flavorless and bland furthering my belief that I had found something special…magical.
From that day on I drank everything in that mug from milk to effervescent soft drinks. It even made water so wonderfully satisfying to drink that I never had a boring and uninteresting drink again. I carried my coffee mug everywhere, grocery stores, movie theaters, restaurants, you name it. People thought I was batty; they didn't talk to me, but I didn't care because I had my magical, fiery coffee mug. I began to dress like my coffee mug in all kinds striking shades of red. I wore all kinds of luxurious fabric fit for my coffee mug and I; like cashmere, velvet, silk, Egyptian cotton, electroluminescent fabrics, and my favorite the feathers of peacocks in dynamic colors.
One day during tea time I was sitting on my settee drinking out of my wondrous mug wearing a purple knee length dress and eating cucumber sandwiches. I remember this moment to the most minute detail, the way the table was set up, the way the tea tasted, and the way my mug shined from just being taken out of...

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