The Red Curtain Trilogy By Baz Lurhmann

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The Red Curtain Trilogy by Baz Lurhmann

On The Red Curtain Trilogy, which were all directed by Baz Lurhmann,
all of the films began with red curtains opening up like in a theatre
to 'reveal' the film.

In 'Strictly Ballroom' the scene opens with silhouettes of the main
characters dancing, waiting for a performance to start (?) then
walking excitedly onto screen which starts the movie. For 'Romeo &
Juliet' the opening shot is a lot more fast and furious. The film
begins with a plain black screen, then a television screen appears.
the television screen, that is showing a news report, appears and
draws closer to the viewer. The reporter is reciting the prologue of
the play. Accelerated scenes from the film are shown, with words and
sentences in red lettering from the prologue, this scene reminds me of
a trailer for a film. The story then starts, showing both families of
the story, their traits and portrays the friction between the
Montagues and Capulets. For Moulin Rouge, when the red curtain begins
to open, a conductor appears and begins conducting the music for the
film, to give a feel of being at a theatre. Then the town where Moulin
Rouge is set is introduced to us, and the main character is
introduced, and then begins to tell the story.

The Music in 'Strictly Ballroom' for the opening sequence is slow,
quiet calming music, but as it becomes closer to the actual beginning
of the film, the music becomes louder and more extravagant, and then
for the 'salsa' scene the music is very jazzy and upbeat. The music
for this film is very well done because it portrays exactly what is
happening on the screen at the time. The Music is more gangster music
for the Romeo and Juliet's opening sequence. The Montagues are more
street gangster music which could suggest them being rebels, whereas
the Capulets are more Hispanic, I think these choices of music go well
for the characters of both sides. Montagues are more 'beach boys',
which would be the more likely of the two families to listen to that
sort of music. Capulets seem more Latin American in culture, therefore
their music fits into their background better, and the Hispanic music
also has a spaghetti western theme to it, which suggests that Capulets
are also rebellious. The volume for the opening scene is mostly loud
with only quietness when dialogue is being spoken. Also in Romeo and
Juliet, the scene which I referred to as a 'film trailer' the music is
more gospel choir, something which you would hear in a horror movie,
to show mayhem and rage in the film. Also this can be heard when the
Montagues and Capulets are battling it out at the end of the opening
sequence. In 'Moulin Rouge' the music is mostly the actors singing,
the dancers from the Moulin Rouge begin singing and that is the
background music for4 the film. The songs also help...

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