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The Red Danube Essay

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When viewing the film “The Red Danube”, it is plain to see that there is a level of propaganda that demonizes and portrays the soviets as barbaric. The film, which was developed in 1949, demonstrates a clash between the Soviet Union and the West in general. This is done by the usage of depicting the Soviet Union of depressing and moderating love and in the back of your head while watching; you are wondering why such a people would do a horrid deed.
The movie is a typical love story but with a deeper component of fear and distaste. In the beginning of the movie we see two people meet, Twingo and Maria. Maria is a ballerina and Twingo, at first glance, seems to be falling for her. Since they ...view middle of the document...

He, himself, decides to take over the train station to save the people being deported back to the Soviet Union. It is at this time that Maria is found, due to her escape, and she is reunited with her lover once again.
This is a turning point in the movie and shows a psychological change within the characters and eventually a moral example displayed to the viewer about the Soviet Union’s actions. Hooky is ordered to turn in Maria once more but this time he refuses and is let go of his position. Twingo and Maria decide to escape persecution and try to flee to Scotland but are caught by Colonel Omicron instead. Maria, accepting her fate, commits suicide and eventually dies from her injuries. Hooky is then assigned to a new policy or operation called “Humanizing Army” and the movie ends.
The producers of this film are obtaining disapproval of Soviet Union by showing the savagery of taking citizens from their homes and putting them in detainment and/or possible working camps as well. At first, there seems to be a reputable working relationship between the west and the Soviet Union. No harm or foul-play is seen on the Soviet Union that would cause distaste for deporting Soviet citizens back to Moscow. This all changes when we see the emotion that is displayed when individuals learn of their deportment back to Moscow. The attitude has then been changed and we see the Soviet Union as being “inhumane” or evil towards their own people. This puts dear into the watcher for they see the strain that Communism puts on its own people (to the point where some commit suicide even) and how this could happen to the United States or the world if they start to influence the rest of the world. The movie also portrays that the Soviet Union as this destroyer of relationships and will come between love and steal away your loved ones as well. This appeals to the emotions and psyche of the viewer for nothing is more horrible then having your loved ones ripped away from you....

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