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The Red Panda Essay

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It’s a cat, it’s a panda, its a raccoon., its the red panda! The red Panda is a cute furry animal with a feisty look in its eye. The Red Panda is related to the Giant Panda and looks and has similar characteristics to the street raccoon. The scientific name for the Red Panda in Ailurus fulgens. Red Pandas are endangered creatures with their habitats slowly disappearing. Red Pandas have similar characteristics to raccoons. Red Pandas don’t eat very much for their size.
Physical Description
Red Pandas are very much like raccoons, they are very peaceful creatures too! These Pandas have distance markings and markings. They have reddish-brown fur on its upper body, which is used for camouflage. It has a white snout and ears, with white streaks on their face. Red Pandas look nothing like an ordinary panda, this Panda has similar characteristics to a raccoon. It has a covering of red fur like the raccoon. The Red Panda is very small, the body size can range from twenty to twenty-five inches. Also they can weigh up to 8-12 pounds. They have very interesting and unique features. The Red Panda like the Giant Panda has an extra thumb which is used to grip things. They also have extra long whiskers which is used to navigate their environment at night. The Red Panda doesn't live very long compared to a human. The average life span of a Red Panda is 8-12 years. This creature rests during the day and is alive during the night. They are nocturnal which means that they hunt during the night and sleep during the day.

Distribution & Habitat
Also, the Red Panda lives in colder climates and forest type biomes with bamboo. They live in temperate type biomes. They can be found is the delicious forests. Red Pandas love bamboo as their habitat/shelter. They live in the bamboo forest in the cold misty mountains of the Himalayas. The air in the Himalayas is very cold, this is good for the Pandas because the cold climate and its distinct colors help them blend into the forest tops. These animals are very agile, the Panda sleeps and lives in the bamboo trees, dangling by its arms thats why they are so agile and why they have an extra thumb. The Red Panda lives in the Himalayas which is located in China, they can be found at lower elevations in the cold misty forest dangling by the tree tops.
Diet & Acquisition
The Red Panda doesn't have much of an appetite, they aren’t much of picky eaters either. The Panda is an omnivore which means it eats plants and insects. Their diet is mainly natural and non meaty foods. For example, bamboo, fruits, berries, bird eggs, grass, small mammals, and insects. Their eating habits is very much like the Giant Pandas eating habits. Like the Giant Panda, the Red Panda’s diet is two-thirds bamboo since they can’t digest cellulose. The Red Panda only does a couple of things to maintain its self, all it does is mostly eat and sleep throughout the day because they are nocturnal. Since the Red Panda is nocturnal it sleeps throughout the day....

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