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The Red Pyramid Journal Essay

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The Red Pyramid Journal
Title and Author: The book that I read was "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan. He called it this because the antagonist, Set, is an Egyptian god and the color he is associated with is red. He builds a pyramid as a power source and it's made of reddish stones , and the main characters try to destroy it, so thus it's called "The Red Pyramid".

Mythological Details: My novel is fiction because it involves the Egyptian gods in a modern day world, and also the main characters pet cat had been an Egyptian god, named Bast, that had been ordered to protect them. A quote to support this is "So, yeah. Our cat was a goddess" (Riordan, 114).

Main Idea: Carter Kane, a fourteen year old boy, and his twelve year old sister, Sadie Kane, want to save their dad, and more importantly the world, from Set, the Egyptian god of Chaos. But Set sends many of his minions after them to stop them, and they also have go through many obstacles, like fighting other gods and monsters, and magicians. Also Set traps their dad in a magical coffin, which results in him being trapped with no way to get free, or getting saved by Carter or Sadie. So with the help of the Egyptian gods, Isis, Horus, and some others, they go to Phoenix, where the Red Pyramid is located, and use a spell to take control of Set and tell him to go away until he is called upon if his help is ever needed. Then they destroyed the pyramid with a powerful spell.

Theme: The theme of the story is that sometimes in life you have to make sacrifices, big or small, to help things that are more important then what benefits you more. This is shown plenty of times throughout the story, but the most important time was when Sadie had to choose to save her father, or stop Set and save the world. This question was also asked to Sadie previously in the story, "Anubis nodded, apparently not surprised. 'Final question: If it means saving the world, are you prepared to lose your father?' (Riordan, 364). Another time this theme had been demonstrated was when Carter, Sadie, and Bast were fighting Sobek, the god of Crocodiles, and they started losing the fight, so Bast sacrifices herself to kill him so Sadie and Carter could get away. A quote to support this is "Amos tugged at the rim of his hat. 'Sadie... I just don't know. It seems she sacrificed herself to defeat Sobek. Bast forced him back to the Duat at the expense of her own life force" (Riordan, 395).

Characters: One of the main characters and protagonist of the story is Carter Kane. He is fourteen year old boy. Carter is a magician, like everyone else in his family, and is descended from a long line of pharaohs. He also is the host of Horus, the god of the sky. Hosting means he shares part of his body with him and he can talk to him in his mind and as well as use his power. Carter is very intelligent because he and his father traveled the world, and he learned a lot about Egyptian history and mythology because his dad studied it...

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