"The Red Tent" Infuses A Woman's Blood With Power.

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"The Red Tent" is not the book I expected it to be.I brought high expectations to the book as a trusted friend highly recommended it to me. Despite this, the book still managed to take my breath away in manners unforeseen.More Than a Bible Story.Ostensibly, this is the story of Dinah. It is the story, though, told in a way you never heard it in Sunday School. Indeed, her story is so violent, tragic, and brief, that she is rarely anything but a footnote in most Bible study classes.A quick retelling of the story as told in the Bible is useful to understanding this book. Dinah is the daughter of Jacob, only sister to Joseph (he of the coat of many colors). She is raped by a prince whose father then offers to pay a dowry so that his son might wed her. Jacob agrees on the condition that all the men of the town are circumcised according to their family's tradition. The king agrees. While all the men are still in pain from their circumcision, Jacob's sons raid the town and slaughter them all.Dinah then drops out of the Bible and is never heard from again."The Red Tent" tells this story from Dinah's point of view, and it is the story as we have never heard it before. She begins with the story of her mothers, Jacob's wives: Leah, Rachel, Zilpah, and Bilhah. She then tells her story.While the story is the story from Genesis 34, it is different in many important ways. The rape becomes a love affair. Author Anita Diamant explains, "I could never reconcile the story of Genesis 34 with a rape, because the prince does not behave like a rapist! After the prince is said to have "forced" her (a determination made by the brothers, not by Dinah), he falls in love with her, asks his father to get Jacob's permission to marry her, and then agrees to the extraordinary, even grotesque demand that he and all the men of his community submit to circumcision."There is richness about this book that makes any plot summary seem almost superfluous. Yes, this is the story of Dinah. But the events are not what the book is about. The book is about pain, loss, healing, love and its stages, giving birth, searching for identity, and the importance of memory and history.I am Woman.This is a book of powerful women. The men are shoved aside and intrude only as catalysts in the women's lives. It isn't their story. They are loved and cared for, but they have little to contribute to the power of these women.Author Anita Diamant takes us into these women's lives and shows us their power, a power that comes from being women. There is a sisterhood and a motherhood among all the women and both of those two states are sacred. They love the men in their lives, but it is to each other that they turn for fellowship, strength, help, and to seek answers to the mysteries of life.The book explores how women who are sisters and who share a husband relate to one another. The Biblical account of these women leaves them sounding rather catty and jealous of each other. The Red Tent contradicts none of the...

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