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“The Redemption Series” Essay

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“The Redemption Series” by Karen Kingsbury is a five book series about the fictional family, The Baxter’s. Throughout each novel in the series Kingsbury introduces new characters and realistic trials that come about. The Baxter Family, in “The Redemption Series”, is headed by the parents John and Elizabeth Baxter based out of the small town of Bloomington, Indiana. John and Elizabeth have five children who, in each novel, are the main characters at some point. The children are Brooke, Kari, Ashley, Luke, and Erin. Each Baxter child has a novel directed towards them that describes the struggle that they personally encountered in their adult life and how having a strong family and strong ...view middle of the document...

The theme continually through the series is love. When the rough times seem unquestionably unbearable the love between the members of the family and their love for the Lord continues to keep them bound together and pushing through. Kingsbury mentions multiple times in the series that “Love is a decision” (Kingsbury). Kari Baxter makes this decision to love after finding out her husband, an established college professor, is having an affair with a college student. After her husband comes to his senses and moves home, Kari chooses to love him until, not long after moving home, her husband is murdered by a crazy college student on steroids. Kari chose to love her husband after his bad decisions and the rest of the Baxter’s learn to love him despite his mistakes.
The strengths of the series of novels are the constant overcoming of realistic trials dealt with in normal everyday life. Kingsbury does a superb job of bringing the story to life in the mind of the reader. Through word choice and many details the characters and situations are easy to picture and comprehendible. The choices the characters make and worries they have are relatable to most readers. From Brooke Baxter leaving her daughter Hayley, under her husband’s watch and Hayley’s near death drowning leading to Peter, Brooke’s husband, becoming addicted to pain killers because he can’t live with himself and Brooke’s struggle to forgive him for his mistakes. To the entire Baxter family coming together when mother, Elizabeth Baxter, is diagnosed with her second round of intense breast cancer. The Baxter’s families world is set into a whirlwind. They can’t come to understand how they would ever survive without their loving mother. The one with the largest...

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