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The Reflection Of Emotions Essay

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Characters within Shakespeare’s, Much Ado About Nothing display love in a complementary manner to the love written in Sonnet 116. Although arduous situations occur, these individuals are loyal to their love interests. They consistently illustrate their feelings and this factor allows the characters to flourish. This especially true of Benedick, Hero and Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing. As they are victimized by Don John throughout the play, their relationships are strained. However, once Don John’s conspiracy fades, the characters portray their emotions. Benedick’s emotional attachment to Beatrice at a difficult stage depicts his true feelings toward her. During the same period, Hero’s loyalty and emotions remain undeterred to Claudio despite his actions at the wedding. Don Pedro’s nobility to Claudio illustrated the depth of their friendship. The portrayal of emotions within Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 is similarly reflected by the characterization in Much Ado About Nothing.

The portrayal of emotions within Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 is similarly reflected by the characterization in Much Ado About Nothing. The depiction of emotions in the characterization of Benedick is similar to the feelings in Sonnet 116. True emotional attachment is permanent is never shaken. This is illustrated by the poet in Sonnet 116 as he states,” Oh no! It is an ever-fixed mark/That looks on tempests and is never shaken” (Sonnet 116). Benedick’s affection is undeterred even as Don Pedro and Claudio tease him about his dynamic nature. In response to their jokes and insults, he states, “Yet is this no charm for the toothache” (3:2:61). Furthermore he calls his allies, “Hobby-horses,” (3:2:63) and leaves the premises along with Leonato. His sights are fixed upon Beatrice and therefore other commotions are irrelevant to him. He develops significantly as an individual who embraces affection. This evolution leads to the question: How will Benedick advance further? As stated in Sonnet 116, “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks” (Sonnet 116). This portrays the idea that true emotional attachment does not fade with time and although difficult situations arise, it survives. In the aftermath of the climax in Much Ado About Nothing, Beatrice instructs Benedick to kill Claudio in order to extract revenge. He responds by stating, “Enough, I am engaged; I will challenge him.” (4:2:326). He agrees to murder him in order to satisfy his love interest. This illustrates his emotional attachment to Beatrice as it reveals he can kill an ally to be united with her. His development as an individual who embraces affection is also met by Hero.

The portrayal of emotions within Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 is similarly reflected by the characterization in Much Ado About Nothing. Throughout the plot of Much Ado About Nothing, there is an emphasis on Hero’s relationship with Claudio as it reflects Sonnet 116. True emotional attachment is the guiding light for all...

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