The Registration Drives For Voter Id Card Application

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The Registration Drives for Voter ID Card Application

The Election Commission of India is an organization that looks after the voters as well as the elections. For voters, it works in such a way that they have least number of difficulties with Voter ID Card Application process. Consequently ensuring a high voter turnout. This high turnout is hence achieved when most of the citizens are registered as voters. When this registration process has minimal loopholes and discrepancies, the number of those who are registered is automatically increased. So this is one of the duties of the commission as far as the voters are concerned.

The duties of the commission towards elections are to make them totally free and fair. Such duties lead the commission to make sure that there is no bogus voting, no votes for cash, no practice of booth capture, no unfair campaigning and no denial of voting rights to those who are eligible.

One of the fundamental aims of the ECI is making every legitimate citizen a registered voter. For this, the people working for the commission always ensure that the grievances of voters are looked upon with seriousness. Apart from the grievances of voters, the ECI also looks forward to improve the infrastructure that functions to register new voters. Introduction of Online Methods for Voter ID Card Applications is one of the landmarks with respect to their aim of to register maximum voters. With the Voter ID Card Online process, people can now become registered voters from the comforts of their homes and offices.

Voter Registration Drives

Apart from the fundamental aims, the work for which is carried out at ECI offices throughout the year, there are some functions of the commission that make it more active just before the elections. With the Lok Sabha Elections for 2014 just around the corner, the ECI has thus become highly active once again in order to register the maximum number of new voters before the elections commence.

The proof of this activeness could be gained from the ongoing Voter Registration Drives for Voter ID Card Bihar and Voter ID Card Gujarat. These drives aim at revising the voters’ list to an extent where almost all those who are alive and still living in the same constituency remain in the electoral list of that constituency and those who have passed away or shifted to other assemblies be removed from the concerned voters’ list.

Alongside revising the electoral rolls, these Voter Registration Drives for Voter ID Card Bihar and Gujarat aim at issuing fresh EPICs and verifiable voter slips to all the eligible voters so that none of them are denied an entry to polling booth.

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