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The Reign Of Joseph Stalin Essay

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Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was born December 21st

was the fourth child to his parents after the first three died of bad health issues. His mother was

an in home washer, taking in other people clothing and his father was a boot maker. These jobs

did not make Iosifs’ parents immensely wealthy. They had to live in poverty like the rest of the

peasant Russians had to endure towards the end of the 19th

attained a place for him to learn at the local church school, Iosif, at the age of seven, survived

small pox. This disease left scars all over his face causing other children to call him “Pock”.

Iosifs mother obtained a place in the local church school for her son in 1888 from her

religious background. He progressed well, despite his health problems, and soon received a free

scholarship to the Tiflis Theological Seminary. When he was an occupant at Tiflis he joined

Messame Dassy, a secret organization where members support Georgian independence from the

Soviet Union. This is the time and place where Iosif came in contact with the ideas of Karl

Marx, a German social philosopher, and became involved in the revolutionary movement against

Iosif was expelled from Tiflis in May 1899. This was caused from several reasons people

believed such as reading forbidden books and disrespecting the authority. It was later founded

after his death that he was expelled for trying to convert his other classmates to Marxism. For six

months, after he was expelled, Iosif was unemployed and became an active member in

underground politics, such as labor strikes and demonstrations. In the early year of 1900 he

found work by teaching private lessons to middle class children. Several months after beginning

this job, Iosif began writing articles for Brdzola Khams Vladimir, the socialist Georgian

Iosif stayed in the Soviet Union in 1901 when he began serving on the first Central

Committee of the Bolshevik Party. Most of these leaders were living as exiles in Switzerland and

Siberia. Iosif stayed to help organize the industrial resistance in Tsarism. He was then later

1902 for coordinating a strike at the Rothschild plant at Batumi. After

living in prison for eighteen months, Iosif was deported to Siberia getting a chance to meet many

of the Bolshevik Party leaders and creating a higher status for himself among these men. After

his deportation, Iosif took the name Joseph Stalin, meaning “man of steel”.

Vladimir Lenin, one of the top ranked party leaders of the Bolshevik Party, invited Stalin

to meet him after Stalin escaped from Siberia and returned to the USSR. There he was arrested

four times again over the last eight years after his return from Siberia and meeting with Lenin

due to political attacks against the government. Lenin was impressed with all of Stalin’s

achievements throughout the years and kept a close eye on him to see what his decisions were

and if he could be trusted enough. After moving to St....

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