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The Reign Of Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I was born on September 7, 1533, in Greenwich, England. Elizabeth reigned queen of England and Ireland from November 17, 1558 until her death. Elizabeth never married, and died a virgin, sometimes called “The Virgin Queen” (Gale 2). Elizabeth was born to King Henry Tudor VIII and Anne Boleyn; she was the fifth and last monarch of the Tudor dynasty. This paper will prove Queen Elizabeth I was a woman wholly devoted to her country and brought it much prosperity and growth; these qualities made her the most respected leader of the entire history of England.
Two years after Elizabeth’s birth her mother was executed by her father accused of being unfaithful, she was then declared illegitimate (Hilliam 10). Although Elizabeth was declared illegitimate by Parliament she was still raised in the royal household (Gale 1). Elizabeth spoke five languages fluently, including Italian, French German, Latin, Greek, and of course English; she was very sharp (Hilliam 10). Elizabeth developed a great relationship with her half brother Edward VI; they became even closer when he became king. Their strong relationship came to an end when Edward died at age fifteen due to a fatal lung disease, and tuberculosis (Hilliam 15). Her half sister Mary I, the daughter of Henry’s first wife Catherine of Aragon then took the throne (Bush 28). Mary I was often called “Bloody Mary” because of the number of people she had killed while trying to reconvert England to Catholicism. Mary felt threatened by the fact that Elizabeth was Protestant, and supported by the people of England (Gale 1). Mary thought Elizabeth was plotting to overthrow her, although Elizabeth was innocent and ill she was still sent to the Tower of London. Although Mary still was not too fond of Elizabeth, she released her after three months (Hilliam 20). On November 17, 1558 Mary died of illness, and at the age of 25 Elizabeth finally received her rightful seat as heir to the throne (Bush 33).
As quoted in Paul Hilliam’s Elizabeth: Queen of England’s Golden Age “Elizabeth was sitting under an oak tree, reading a prayer book when she heard the news and is reported to have said, ‘It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes” (Hilliam 21). On January 15, 1559 Elizabeth prepared for her coronation, the soon to be crowned queen, Elizabeth, wore beautiful golden robes (Bush 35). On her way to Westminster Abbey which is where the cotillion was held she asked her driver to stop the coach periodically so she could smile, wave, and, accept gifts from her subjects (Hilliam 23). After the coronation service, an extravagant feast was prepared for Elizabeth and it lasted for ten hours (Bush 35). During the feast the queen’s champion, who was a knight fully armored rode into Westminster Hall and challenged to battle anyone who felt Elizabeth should not be queen (Hilliam 24).
Soon after being crowned Queen of England, Elizabeth faced many difficulties. One was that many people felt she could not run a...

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