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The Relation Between Self Esteem And Incarceration Rate: Among African American Males In The Foster Care System

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One hundred African American males will be randomly selected from different group homes and foster care facilities around Prince Georges County. The participants will have to complete a questionnaire before the random selection is made. The requirements for the potential participants are as follow: They have to be 14 to 18 years of age, been in the foster care system for at least 12 months, males of African descent, and have not been previously diagnosed with any mental disorder.
The materials that will be administered to participants are consent forms from both the participants and their parent or guardian. Two self-esteem tests, the first test is the revised Janis and Field scale. ...view middle of the document...

The interviewer will inform all participants to place their assigned number on top of their questionnaires. When the participants are done filling out the questionnaires they will be asked to sit in a room until further information. After, the interviewers go through the questionnaires and the best candidates are picked their numbers will be called to further complete information for the study. The other participants will be thanked for their time and dismissed from the study. The participants that have been chosen will now be spilt into two groups; Group A (have been incarcerated) and Group B (have not been incarcerated) and they will receive either A or B beside their number. The participants are not aware that they are in specific groups.
When the participants are in their mandated groups they will be giving consent forms that both them and their guardian will have to fill out completely before the test can be administered. Then once all questions are answers and all consent forms are filled out and turned in the Rosenberg self-esteem scale will be administered and instruction will be read. The interviewers will also remind participants to place their numbers on top of the test. The test consists of 10 questions and should take 5 to 7 minutes to complete. Once the tests are done the participants will place the test in a box and sit back down and wait for the next test. The same procedure will be used for the Revise Janis and Field self-esteem scale. After, all test are completed and collected, the participants will be thanks for their time and giving an incentive as they are dismissed from the study. The...

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