The Relation Of Personality In Politics

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While searching for information regarding social phobia, I stumbled across some interesting information. Information regarding the psychology of politics, I was negligent to such a concept until this point in time, and immediately I began searching for this information, rather than my previous interest. This paper will give a general viewpoint on politics from a psychological standpoint. Initially it will discuss political philosophers, and how their beliefs could have shaped the political system today. Second, the paper will look at personal attitudes in relation to politics, consisting, particularly of one’s values and beliefs. Lastly, the paper is going to provide an outlook on the issue from the psychodynamic approach of psychology, particularly through the opinions of its founder, Sigmund Freud.
In the study of political philosophy many infamous names come about, although we are only going to look at the ideas of seven of them. Some of the earliest ideas of political systems were centered around Greek city-states, approximately between 750-500 B.C. Kagan, Aristotle, and Plato all provided very useful ideas to the understanding of political systems, but here we will see the for the first time how personal beliefs have influenced politics today. While Kagan believed that in order for life to be suitable for man life must be biased on justice, Aristotle believed that life could be good for man only if his life was in a community with others. This is not an attempt to prove or justify any beliefs, but to simply show the relation of personality. These two philosophers felt strongly about these two necessities for success in a community/political system, but yet neither of the ideas were the same. They both required different things, and these different beliefs could stem from many things, but no matter the reasoning behind their rationale, their personal beliefs created different political ideas. This reality is shown even more so when the two are compared to Plato. He believed that one political system will never be suitable for all of mankind, and that there needs to be three different classes in which one is positioned upon based on their placement in the division of labor, and there inborn capabilities. Amongst these beliefs, Plato believed that man could rise above his assigned class, but only due to having a higher inborn ability than his fellow man. These ideas are amongst some of the most general, and broad beliefs amongst political philosophers, but yet they are all different in every aspect, due to their individual personality.
Even though, all seven of the philosophers being compared were active before the 20th century, let’s look at a more modern comparison. Here we are looking at the difference in rational personality, emotional personality, and differences within each. Of all rational philosophers, Machiavelli and Hobbes may be the most well known. Even though they are similar due to them sharing the characteristic of rational...

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