The Relations Between Science And Religion

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The relations between science and religion.
Humans are servant of God who descended to earth as its inhabitants. Humans are creatures of God are given the advantage of reasonable than other creatures. With that human minds can do more than any other creature.

At the beginning of its creation, only human beings who do not know anything and therefore people need a hint for his life. Humans need a guideline in order to survive life in the world and in the hereafter. Guideline for humans is religion. Religion is a hint of life, encompasses all aspects of human beings, including science. So many recent scientific discoveries in modern times was already confirmed.
With scientific evidence in accordance with the scriptures, it can be seen that the true religion in harmony with science. There is no conflict between religion and science.
Religion is not science curb. Religion is simply set the science does not pass the boundaries of ethical norms and presence. In religion, for the things that are not there rules of public worship "everything is allowed unless it is forbidden." Thus science can continue to grow and benefit mankind.
The definition of Science
In life,human got a lot of experience. From experience it has gained some knowledge that certain regularity properties without the ability to explain in detail the causes and rational. So many kinds of knowledge in this life. Each different number and variety of human experience that is, without any ability to explain it. If you want to be able to explain, it still needed more intense activity to gain a more complete knowledge of the general knowledge ada.untuk it should be supported by a number of subsequent activities more seriously in order to get the gist as to be guided to the planning, predictions , as well as control over the truth.
The combination of the search for a rational approach and collection of empirical facts is what is called the approach biaasa gain knowledge of the scientific method. Through the scientific method will be obtained from a knowledge science has certain characteristics as a differentiator with other knowledges untested. So ilmuadalah knowledge that meet specific characteristics and terms are standardized into a "science ", the two terms are combined into one word. Can be formulated also that science is as common knowledge ilmiahdan merged into science directly.
The application of science in the world modeern has produced many technologies that make people's lives healthier, more comfortable, and more secure. While the science is also one way to seek the truth, which is the objective truth. Even so, science tends to be autonomous so therefore he is often seen as the only path to truth.

As a result we often face a clash between science and religion in the field of theology. The problem is, science is actually just talking about the objective reality of nature and humans. When in fact the religion talk about a whole person, body and soul are, and the broadest...

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