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The Relations Of The Superpowers Between 1945 And 1959

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The Relations of the Superpowers Between 1945 and 1959
The conflict of World War II against the Nazi Germany brought the
Allied Nations, United States of America, England and the Soviet Union
together to fight side by side. During the period of 1945 and 1959
these “Superpowers” were constantly trying to undermine each other.
This alliance soon took its course to break down after bitter hatred
against one another with the threat of thermal Nuclear War. The
friendship that these countries once had led to rivalry whereby both
sides tried to out do each other by any means possible. These
countries stored weapons, and at the same time they were both in the
process of developing atomic bombs with the technology they had. The
end of World War II only marked the beginning of another war but this
time it was even more severe, and these countries took it to extreme
measures where mankind was at stake. The U.S and The Soviet Union
provoked each other by making one another look underhanded, they did
this by using propaganda, and any other such means to intermediate the
other side, but the never came to blows, this was known as the cold

Following the Yalta conference between Britain, America and the USSR
on the fate of Germany, the leaders of both Britain and America had
changed by the Potsdam conference later in 1945. The purpose of this
conference was the implementation of decisions reached previously at
the Yalta conference. Unfortunately President Roosevelt died one week
before the European war was over; President Harry S. Truman continued
Roosevelt’s position as president and represented the U.S. Prime
Minister Winston Churchill represented Britain. Later Clement Attlee
continued Winston Churchill’s position as Prime Minster. The Postdam
agreement contained the decisions reached by the participants.

The relationship between these two “Super Powers” during the war in
Europe was certainly very good. These two sides fought side by side
trying to defeat Nazism in Europe. President Roosevelt did not mind
Stalin nor, did Stalin mind, even though they had different ways of
thinking, and their political views were certainly the opposite to
each other.

Truman felt threatened by communism/Russia, he decided to sign the
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). This was the alliance of
military reinforcement through most Western European countries. A
military alliance was a treaty that was only signed by the participant
that felt they were under a threatening situation such as the corrupt
Nazism in Germany. The signing of NATO was great threat to Russia as
the alliance of countries could easily persuade Russia to do its
bidding. Russia felt as they were in a vulnerable position. In 1955
they created the Warsaw Pact. This was the...

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