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“The Relationship Between A Male And Female” Mercedes High School Essay

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“The Relationship between a Male and Female”
In America today there are many dysfunctional relationships and it can be anyone faults such as the male and female weakness in a marriage you’re not always going to have the best relationship in fact when I was 8 years old my partners didn’t have greatest relationship. When they were together everything was fine they never got in arguments never had any problems but after a while I notices that my parents would always argue every night and was worse when my dad would come home drunk and wasted every weekend at 2:00am and all the time when they were done fighting my dad would walk away from my mom which is probably not the best thing to do in a relationship because they best thing to do is talk it out and never to walk away from your problems. I guess after a while they just stop committing with each other and realize that they really didn’t have a healthy relationship and had to get a divorce.
I sometimes think this happened because they would always lie to each other and create drama, and they would leave issues unresolved they don’t work towards fixing their issues. They would always fight, learn nothing, and have the same fight again and again, each time coming to a point that have been argued and re-argued on countless occasions whether the issues are un-resolvable and I will talk about three short stories called “Under the Radar” by Richard Ford and “Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway.
Well in "The Story of An Hour" by Kate Chopin argues that a controlling relationship can lead to a disappointing relationship and finally leads to a free relationship. Mrs. Mallard sees that she can get out of a controlling relationship all she needs to do is fight
Back. Although Mrs. Mallard knows that a controlling relationship is hard to get out of, this is why she is "Striving to beat it with her will" she can find love somewhereelse and not have a controlling 
Husband."The tops of trees that were all aquiver with the new spring life" Mrs. Mallardknows 
That it is unhealthy to keep a relationship like the one she has one when she gets to the point where she is disappointed with her husband relationship. Mrs.Mallard is happy with news she got about her husband because she nolonger has a 
Controlling partner and she is not in a disappointing relationship. Although out her marriage with Mr. Mallard, Mrs. Mallard was never happy until she heard that her husband "Dies". Mrs.Mallard is like an icon to all who are in a controlling relationship. Given her dissatisfaction with the best that life has to offer her and her unrealistic expectations of absolute freedom, therefore, there is no other option for Louise except death. Chopin's expos of the fanciful dream of Louise are richly subtle, and are an exquisite example of her remarkable ability to present an untenable view in a seemingly sympathetic way. In "The Story of an Hour" Chopin projects with delicately incisive irony what would happen if an immature...

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